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VPS Control Panel Options

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The control panel has become a common fixture in the web hosting arena.  Not only does this special software allow the end-user to control their account, but it also lets the web hosting administrator control all of the websites on the server.  The number of control panels is increasing rapidly and many are specific to different hosting environments.  This article will go over three control panels that are commonly used in VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting: HSPcomplete, Plesk and cPanel.


With HSPcomplete, you can manage your entire VPS hosting account from a single login interface.  The software is based on a template, making it lightweight and incredibly easy to use. Despite the simplicity, it does come integrated with some pretty nice features.  HSPcomplete is very reliable but lacks the functionality required to be successful with reseller accounts.

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Another template-based control panel, Plesk has won numerous awards for its performance in the shared and VPS hosting environment.  Unlike HSPcomplete, it is also makes a viable option for reseller hosting.  This control panel is fast, feature-rich and reliable, offering benefits to users on the administrator and domain level.  If want to give your customers a powerful control panel, Plesk is the answer.


The award-winning cPanel is the leading control panel software.  Many web hosts and end-users prefer this application because of its straightforward, feature-rich interface.  The GUI is designed in a manner that allows even inexperienced users to thrive with a VPS account.  Because cPanel is primarily based on icons and not templates as the control panels mentioned above, it generally takes up more disk space and resources.

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If you are still having a difficult time deciding which control panel to choose for your VPS account, the following details may help.  Both Plesk and HSPcomplete are created by software company Swsoft, the same people who developed Virtuozzo, the virtualization technology installed on most VPS hosting accounts.  These control panels are sure to give you excellent performance as they only leave a small footprint in the Virtuozzo software.  This is because the programs are based on a single template running on the physical node instead on the virtual private server.

The cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) package never makes a bad choice for the simple fact that it is so easy to use.  However, the size of the software and design that fits a great number of icons on the interface makes it a bit slower than other control panels.  You can certainly get by with cPanel on a VPS, but you may not get the performance a control panel like Plesk will provide.

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Some customers go to a VPS hosting provider having done their research and know what control they want and others have no clue.  Whether its in a virtualized environment or typical hosting arrangement, the right control panel all boils down to personal preference.  If you have no familiarity with control panel software, your best bet would to check out a live demo and try to determine which program you feel comfortable with.


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