What Are the Key Features of ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans?

ScalaHosting's AWS Managed VPS Plans offer a diverse range of specifications, with CPU cores up to 8 and RAM up to 32GB, alongside NVMe SSD storage scaling from 80GB to 640GB. They feature an advanced SPanel VPS control panel for comprehensive management, robust SShield security for real-time protection, and global data center options for optimized performance. The plans are designed for scalability and include developer-friendly tools, ensuring they cater to a variety of hosting needs from small to large-scale operations.
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The key features of ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans are quite extensive, showcasing a blend of performance, security, and ease-of-use.

Plan Name CPU Cores RAM SSD Storage (NVMe) Bandwidth
AWS4GB 2 CPU Cores 4GB RAM 80GB 4TB Bandwidth
AWS8GB 2 CPU Cores 8GB RAM 160GB 5TB Bandwidth
AWS16GB 4 CPU Cores 16GB RAM 320GB 6TB Bandwidth
AWS32GB 8 CPU Cores 32GB RAM 640GB 7TB Bandwidth

Let’s dig into these features in a technical and detailed manner.

  • CPU and RAM Specifications: The plans offer a range of CPU and RAM options catering to various needs. Starting with the AWS4GB plan, you get 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM. This scales up to the AWS32GB plan, which boasts 8 CPU cores and 32GB RAM. These specifications are crucial for handling high-traffic websites and resource-intensive applications, providing smooth and efficient processing power.
  • Storage and Bandwidth: All plans feature NVMe SSD storage, known for its high speed and reliability. Storage options range from 80GB in the AWS4GB plan to a substantial 640GB in the AWS32GB plan. Additionally, bandwidth allocations are generous, starting at 4TB and going up to 7TB, which is vital for handling large volumes of data transfer.
  • SPanel VPS Control Panel: This feature stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive control capabilities. It allows for easy management of hosting accounts, websites, and includes features like real-time malware protection, blacklists monitoring, powerful caching with OpenLiteSpeed, outbound SPAM protection, and more.
  • Security System with SShield: ScalaHosting provides a robust security system named SShield, which offers real-time malware protection and blacklists monitoring & removal, ensuring high-level security for hosted websites.
  • Performance Optimization Tools: The plans support Apache, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, and LiteSpeed Enterprise, along with integrations like CloudFlare CDN, Memcached, and Redis (on request). This combination ensures optimal website performance through efficient content delivery and caching mechanisms.
  • Developer-Friendly Environment: With support for multiple programming languages and tools like Python, NodeJS, PHP (versions 5.6 to 8.2), and database management systems like MySQL, ScalaHosting caters well to developers. Features like GIT & SVN support, WordPress Cloning & Staging, and SSH access enhance the development experience.
  • Email and Domain Management: The plans include extensive email and domain management tools like email account creation/removal, email forwarders, auto-responders, catch-all email settings, and DNS editor. These tools are essential for effective communication and domain management.
  • Backup and Restoration: ScalaHosting provides automated backups and easy restoration options. This feature is critical for data integrity and recovery in case of data loss or corruption.
  • Global Datacenter Locations: With data centers located in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, ScalaHosting offers a wide range of geographical options for server placement, which is vital for reducing latency and improving website loading times globally.
  • Managed Support: 24/7 managed support from trained experts is a significant feature, providing users with assistance in server monitoring, OS updates, software installation, and more, without requiring deep technical expertise from the user.
  • Scalability: The plans offer easy scalability options, allowing users to upgrade their AWS Managed VPS plan with a single click, ensuring that the hosting resources can grow with the user’s needs.
  • Additional Features: Other notable features include free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for each domain, outbound and inbound SPAM protection, and a 400+ script one-click installer, adding to the overall functionality and user convenience.

In summary, ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans are designed to offer high performance, robust security, and ease of management, making them suitable for a wide range of hosting needs, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises.


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Ideal Candidates for ScalaHosting AWS Managed VPS Plans

ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans are tailored for specific user profiles, characterized by their need for high computational power, advanced security, and scalable resources. Let’s have a closer look.

User Profile Why ScalaHosting AWS Managed VPS Plans are Suitable
Web Developers and IT Professionals Offers a range of programming languages, developer tools, and diverse PHP versions for complex web application development.
High-Traffic Websites and E-commerce Platforms Robust CPU and RAM configurations, along with NVMe SSD storage, ensure smooth functioning during peak traffic.
Businesses with Scalable Needs Resource scalability allows for growth adaptation, ideal for businesses anticipating increased online traffic and content.
Organizations Requiring Enhanced Security Advanced security features like SShield and real-time malware protection cater to data-sensitive and security-conscious organizations.
Users Seeking Global Reach Multiple data center locations across continents optimize performance for international audiences and reduce latency.
Enterprises with Multiple Websites Suitable for managing a portfolio of digital properties with efficient multi-site administration tools.
  • Web Developers and IT Professionals: Individuals with a strong technical background, especially in web development or IT, will find these plans highly beneficial. The support for various programming languages, developer tools like GIT & SVN, and a range of PHP versions cater to the sophisticated needs of developing, testing, and deploying complex web applications.
  • High-Traffic Websites and E-commerce Platforms: Websites experiencing significant traffic volumes or e-commerce sites with extensive product catalogs will benefit from the robust CPU and RAM configurations. The NVMe SSD storage ensures rapid data retrieval and processing, essential for maintaining smooth user experiences during peak traffic periods.
  • Businesses with Scalable Needs: Companies expecting growth in online traffic and content will find the scalability of these plans advantageous. The ability to effortlessly upgrade resources like CPU, RAM, and storage allows businesses to adapt to increasing demands without the need for migration to a different hosting solution.
  • Organizations Requiring Enhanced Security: Given the advanced security features like real-time malware protection and SShield, these plans are suitable for organizations that handle sensitive data or require stringent security measures to protect against cyber threats.
  • Users Seeking Global Reach: With data centers across multiple continents, these plans are ideal for businesses aiming to optimize their website’s performance globally. The distributed data center locations help in reducing latency and improving access speeds for international audiences.
  • Enterprises with Multiple Websites: The plans’ capacity to host multiple websites without compromising performance makes them a good fit for enterprises managing a portfolio of digital properties. The comprehensive control panel and administration tools facilitate efficient management of multiple sites.

In summary, ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans are best suited for users who require high-performance hosting solutions with advanced security, scalability, and global reach. They cater particularly well to web developers, high-traffic sites, growing businesses, security-conscious organizations, globally focused enterprises, and users managing multiple websites. These plans are designed to meet the demanding needs of technically proficient users and organizations with specific, high-end hosting requirements.

Pros and Cons of ScalaHosting AWS Managed VPS Plans

ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans offer a technologically advanced, scalable, and secure hosting solution. While they excel in performance, security, and customization, potential limitations in cost and complexity for beginners should be considered. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of these plans to provide a comprehensive overview.

Benefits Drawbacks
Robust Computational Resources: Up to 8 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, NVMe SSD storage. Cost Considerations: Higher pricing compared to basic hosting solutions.
Advanced Security: Real-time malware protection with SShield. Complexity for Beginners: Feature-rich and technical configurations may overwhelm novices.
Scalability: Easy resource upscaling for growing traffic demands. Resource Management: Requires careful allocation for multiple websites, especially on lower-end plans.
Developer-Centric Environment: Supports diverse programming tools and languages. Specific Use Cases: Best suited for high-resource-demand websites, possibly underutilized by smaller sites.
Global Data Center Network: Reduces latency, ensures faster content delivery.


  1. High-Performance Computing Resources: With up to 8 CPU cores and 32GB of RAM, these plans offer robust computational power, crucial for high-traffic websites and intensive applications. The NVMe SSD storage further enhances data processing speeds, significantly reducing loading times and improving overall site performance.
  2. Enhanced Security Measures: The integration of SShield provides superior real-time malware protection. This advanced security protocol is pivotal in safeguarding websites against cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and user trust.
  3. Scalable Infrastructure: The ease of scalability is a significant advantage. Clients can swiftly upscale their resources to accommodate growing traffic, a feature imperative for expanding online businesses and applications.
  4. Developer-Friendly Environment: Supporting a range of programming languages and tools, including Python, NodeJS, and various PHP versions, these plans are ideal for development flexibility. The inclusion of GIT & SVN support, along with WordPress and Joomla management tools, underscores their commitment to a developer-centric hosting environment.
  5. Global Reach with Multiple Data Centers: The presence of data centers across continents enhances the service’s global appeal, reducing latency and ensuring faster content delivery to diverse user bases.


  1. Potential Cost Barrier: The advanced features and high-end resources come at a higher price point compared to basic hosting solutions. This might be a limiting factor for small businesses or individuals with budget constraints.
  2. Complexity for Novices: The plethora of features and technical configurations, while advantageous for professionals, could be overwhelming for beginners or those with limited technical know-how.
  3. Resource Allocation for Multiple Websites: While hosting multiple websites is feasible, careful management of resources is required to prevent performance issues, particularly in plans with lower CPU and RAM specifications.
  4. Specific Use Cases: The plans are tailored more towards websites with high resource demands, which may not be necessary for smaller, less resource-intensive sites, potentially leading to underutilization of allocated resources.

In conclusion, ScalaHosting’s AWS Managed VPS Plans are a powerhouse of performance and security, apt for businesses and developers seeking advanced hosting solutions. However, the associated costs and technical complexity should be weighed against individual needs and expertise. This balance between high-end features and user-specific requirements is key to maximizing the potential of these hosting plans.

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