What Customization Options Are Available for Gaming Servers at InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting offers diverse customization options for gaming servers, including Bare Metal and Cloud VPS plans with scalable hardware specs ranging from 16GB to 128GB RAM and various CPU and storage configurations. The service supports multiple operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, and provides superior network capabilities with DDoS protection and up to 1 Gbps unmetered connections. These features, combined with root level access and advanced server management tools, cater to a wide range of gaming needs, from casual play to intensive gaming environments.
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Here’s a detailed breakdown of the technical specifics regarding the customization options available for gaming servers at InMotion Hosting:

Customization of Hardware Specifications:

  1. Bare Metal Server Plans:
    • Aspire Plan: Offers 16GB DDR3 RAM, 4 cores / 8 threads CPU, and 1TB SSD storage. This is suitable for lighter gaming needs.
    • Essential Plan: Steps up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, maintaining 4 cores / 8 threads but doubles storage to 2TB SSD. This plan is ideal for more demanding games that require higher storage and memory.
    • Advanced Plan: Features 64GB DDR4 RAM and a 6 cores / 12 threads CPU, coupled with 2x1TB SSD storage, catering to advanced gaming servers with high player counts or complex game worlds.
    • Elite Plan: The highest tier, offering 128GB DDR4 RAM, 8 cores / 16 threads CPU, and 2x2TB SSD storage, designed for the most intensive gaming environments with extensive customization and modding needs.
  2. Cloud VPS SSD Plans:
    • RAM options range from 1GB to 32GB.
    • CPU configurations vary from 1 to 32 vCPUs.
    • SSD storage options extend from 30GB to 540GB.
    • These plans allow for flexible scaling, suitable for varying gaming server demands, from small community servers to large, heavily modded environments.
  3. Cloud VPS NVMe Plans:
    • NVMe SSD storage offers faster read/write speeds compared to regular SSDs, with options ranging from 30GB to 540GB.
    • RAM and vCPU options are similar to the SSD plans, ensuring high performance for game servers with intensive resource demands.

Software and Network Customization:

  1. Operating System Choice: InMotion Hosting provides the flexibility to choose between Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS, allowing server administrators to select the environment they are most comfortable with or that best suits their game’s requirements.
  2. Network Specifications:
    • All plans offer superior DDoS protection, ensuring server stability and security.
    • The Bare Metal plans feature a 1 Gbps unmetered connection, ideal for high-bandwidth gaming applications.
    • The Cloud VPS plans, while not explicitly mentioning their network speed, offer bandwidth ranging from 2TB to 12TB, accommodating various levels of player traffic.
  3. High Availability and Redundancy: The emphasis on high availability and redundant hardware clusters indicates a commitment to uptime and reliability, crucial for persistent online gaming environments.
  4. Server Management Tools: While cPanel or Control Web Panel are not included, root level access is provided. This offers complete control over the server, allowing for custom configurations, installation of specific game server software, mods, and plugins.
  5. Snapshot and Monitoring Tools: The availability of Live-State and Scheduled Snapshots and a Resource Monitoring Dashboard are significant for maintaining and managing the gaming server’s performance and stability.

In summary, InMotion Hosting’s Game Server Hosting offers a robust range of customization options. From hardware specifications tailored to different gaming needs to software and network customizations that enhance performance and reliability, these servers cater to a wide array of gaming requirements. Whether hosting a small-scale Minecraft server or a large, complex game environment, InMotion Hosting provides the technical foundation necessary for a smooth and engaging online gaming experience.

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Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting’s Game Server Options

InMotion Hosting’s game server offerings present a multifaceted landscape of benefits and drawbacks, each impacting the gaming experience in distinct ways. Let’s have a closer look at the technical nuances, weighing the advantages and potential limitations of their server plans, to provide a comprehensive overview for potential users.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
Scalability RAM from 16GB DDR3 to 128GB DDR4, various CPU configurations, adaptable for all gaming scales. High-tier plans might be financially daunting for individual gamers/small communities.
Data Transfer Speed SSD and NVMe SSD options for faster load times and enhanced gameplay. Resource variability in Cloud VPS plans during peak usage.
Network Stability Superior DDoS protection and up to 1 Gbps unmetered connections for uninterrupted gameplay.
Customization and Control Root access, Linux OS support for tailored server environments. Potential complexity for beginners due to absence of simplified management tools.
Server Management Advanced features like Real-Time Snapshots and Resource Monitoring for efficient server handling.
Operating System Focus on Linux distributions may limit users needing Windows-based server environments.


  1. Scalable Performance: The range of Bare Metal and Cloud VPS plans, with RAM options from 16GB DDR3 to 128GB DDR4 and various CPU configurations, ensures scalable performance. This scalability is crucial in accommodating diverse gaming demands, from small community servers to large, resource-intensive gaming environments.
  2. Enhanced Data Speeds: The utilization of SSD and NVMe SSD storage options significantly boosts data transfer speeds, reducing game load times and enhancing overall player experience. NVMe SSDs, in particular, offer superior read/write speeds, crucial for games with heavy data loads.
  3. Network Robustness: The incorporation of superior DDoS protection and high-speed network connections (up to 1 Gbps unmetered) safeguards the gaming experience against common cyber threats and ensures smooth gameplay even during high traffic periods.
  4. Customization and Control: With root level access and support for popular Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), users have comprehensive control over their server environment. This degree of customization allows for fine-tuning server settings, installing specific game mods, and adjusting configurations to meet precise gaming needs.
  5. Advanced Server Management: Features like Live-State and Scheduled Snapshots and a Resource Monitoring Dashboard facilitate effective server management, enabling real-time performance monitoring and quick rollback capabilities in case of issues.


  1. Complexity for Beginners: The high level of customization and control, while beneficial for experienced users, can be overwhelming for beginners. The absence of user-friendly management tools like cPanel may present a steep learning curve for those new to server administration.
  2. Cost Implications: While offering a range of plans, the higher-tier options, especially in the Bare Metal category, can be cost-prohibitive for individual gamers or small gaming communities.
  3. Limited OS Options: The focus on Linux-based operating systems, albeit popular among server administrators, might limit users who prefer or require Windows-based environments for their specific gaming servers.
  4. Resource Allocation in Shared Environments: For Cloud VPS plans, resource allocation in a shared hosting environment might lead to potential performance variances, especially during peak usage times.

In conclusion, InMotion Hosting’s game server solutions offer robust performance and extensive customization, catering well to a range of gaming needs. However, the complexity and cost factors, along with limited OS options and shared resource concerns in VPS plans, are aspects that prospective users should carefully consider. This balanced perspective ensures that users align their choice of hosting service with their specific gaming requirements and technical expertise.

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