What Extra Benefits Do the InMotion’s Higher-Tier WordPress Plans Offer?

InMotion Hosting's WP Power and WP Pro plans offer unparalleled performance with unlimited NVMe SSD storage, up to 6 PHP workers per site, and advanced caching including a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool for the Pro plan. They provide superior security with features like a dedicated IP for WP Pro and comprehensive protection against hacks and malware. These plans are ideal for high-traffic websites and businesses, offering scalability, developer-friendly tools, and enhanced support options.
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Let’s dig into the extra benefits offered by InMotion Hosting’s higher-tier WordPress plans, specifically the WP Power and WP Pro plans. These plans are designed to cater to more demanding websites, offering advanced features for enhanced performance, security, and scalability.

1. Enhanced Performance:

  • NVMe SSD Storage: Both plans provide unlimited NVMe SSD storage. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technology significantly outperforms traditional SSDs in terms of data transfer speed and response time, leading to faster website loading and improved overall performance.
  • Increased PHP Workers: WP Power offers 4 PHP workers per site, and WP Pro provides 6. More PHP workers mean that more simultaneous requests can be handled, which is crucial for high-traffic websites.
  • Advanced Caching: Both plans include advanced caching mechanisms. Caching stores frequently accessed data, reducing the need to fetch it from the database every time, thus speeding up website loading times. WP Pro adds a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool, offering even faster data retrieval.
  • Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool (WP Pro): This feature provides a private memory space for storing precompiled script bytecode, enhancing the performance of PHP applications.

2. Superior Security Features:

  • Dedicated IP (WP Pro): This offers an exclusive IP address for your website, enhancing security, and potentially improving SEO and email deliverability.
  • Robust Security Suite: Both plans include hack and malware protection, DDoS protection, and automatic backups. The WP Pro plan comes with enhanced security protocols and tools.

3. Scalability and Flexibility:

  • Unlimited Websites: Both plans allow hosting an unlimited number of websites, offering scalability for growing businesses.
  • Unlimited Email Addresses: This feature is particularly useful for businesses needing to create multiple email accounts for different departments or team members.

4. Developer-Friendly Tools:

  • Hosting Plus: Includes SSH access, GIT version control, Python, Node.JS, and Ruby support. These tools are essential for developers for code management, deployment, and running custom scripts.
  • Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool (WP Pro): Enhances PHP performance, crucial for custom-developed WordPress sites with specific PHP code.
  • WordPress Staging Tool: Available in both plans, it allows developers to clone their site and test changes before going live.

5. Enhanced Customer Support:

  • Live Phone and Chat Support (WP Pro): Offers direct access to skilled support professionals, ensuring prompt resolution of issues and queries.

6. Additional WordPress-Specific Features:

  • WordPress Multisite: Enables the management of multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, simplifying administration for users managing several sites.
  • More PHP Workers per Site: This directly correlates to the ability to handle more concurrent visitors, improving site reliability under load.

In summary, InMotion Hosting’s WP Power and WP Pro plans offer significant enhancements in performance, security, scalability, and support compared to lower-tier plans. These features are particularly beneficial for high-traffic websites, e-commerce platforms, and businesses requiring robust, scalable, and secure web hosting solutions.

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Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting’s Higher-Tier WordPress Plans

InMotion Hosting’s WP Power and WP Pro plans are tailored for demanding web environments, offering a suite of advanced features. While they deliver significant benefits in terms of performance, scalability, and security, understanding their potential drawbacks is essential for informed decision-making.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
Performance – NVMe SSDs for rapid data transfer
– Increased PHP workers for concurrent processing
– Advanced caching including Opcode Cache Pool
– Complexity can be overwhelming for novices
Security – Dedicated IP for enhanced security and SEO (WP Pro)
– Integrated protection against cyber threats
– Potentially underutilized by smaller sites
Scalability & Developer Support – Unlimited website hosting
– SSH, GIT version control, multi-language support
– Higher cost for advanced features
Support Services – Live chat and phone support, enhanced for WP Pro – Over-specification for simpler web projects


  1. Optimized Performance:
    • High-Speed Storage: Utilizing NVMe SSD technology, these plans ensure rapid data access and transfer, a crucial factor for dynamic websites with high traffic.
    • Enhanced Processing Capability: The inclusion of additional PHP workers facilitates concurrent processing, crucial for maintaining site responsiveness under heavy load.
    • Effective Data Caching: Advanced caching, especially the Opcode Cache Pool in the Pro plan, optimizes data retrieval, reducing page load times and enhancing user experience.
  2. Robust Security Features:
    • Exclusive IP Allocation (WP Pro): A dedicated IP not only bolsters security but also aids in SEO and email deliverability.
    • Comprehensive Protection Suite: The integrated security measures effectively mitigate risks from cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and website uptime.
  3. Scalability and Developer Support:
    • Unrestricted Site Hosting: The ability to host unlimited websites caters to growing businesses and web developers managing multiple projects.
    • Advanced Developer Tools: Features like SSH access, GIT version control, and support for multiple programming languages make these plans highly adaptable for custom development needs.
  4. Premium Support Services:
    • Accessible Expert Support: The provision of live chat and phone support, especially the enhanced support in the Pro plan, ensures quick resolution of technical issues.


  1. Cost Consideration:
    • Higher Pricing Tier: The advanced features and enhancements of the WP Power and WP Pro plans come at a higher cost, which might be a significant factor for small businesses or individual bloggers with limited budgets.
  2. Resource Utilization:
    • Complexity for Novice Users: The plethora of features and technical capabilities, while beneficial for developers and large businesses, could be overwhelming for beginners or those with basic hosting needs.
  3. Target Audience Limitation:
    • Over-Specification for Smaller Sites: The extensive resources and capabilities of these plans may be underutilized by smaller websites, leading to an unnecessary expenditure for features that are not essential for their operation.

In conclusion, InMotion Hosting’s WP Power and WP Pro plans stand out for their superior performance, security, and scalability, making them ideal for high-traffic sites and businesses with advanced hosting needs. However, their higher cost and complexity might not align with the requirements or budgets of smaller websites or less technical users.

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