What Makes Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center Ideal for European Users?

Liquid Web's Amsterdam Data Center, located at a pivotal point in Europe, provides unparalleled connectivity and speed due to its direct links to AMS-IX and NL-IX, two of Europe's largest Internet exchanges. The data center's robust infrastructure is designed to meet various compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, ISAE 3402, and ISO certifications, ensuring top-tier security and reliability. Geographically situated for optimal service to both European and Asian markets, this facility embodies Liquid Web's commitment to delivering high-quality hosting solutions with minimal latency and maximum redundancy.
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Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center, located at the heart of Europe, stands out as an ideal hosting solution for European users due to several key factors. Here’s a closer look at what makes this data center particularly well-suited for European webmasters:

Strategic Location

  • Geographical Advantage: Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this data center is positioned at a crossroads of European internet highways. This strategic location results in minimal latency for European users, ensuring fast and reliable access to data and services.
  • Connectivity to Major Internet Exchanges: The direct connections to AMS-IX and NL-IX, two of Europe’s largest Internet exchanges, facilitate high-speed and resilient internet connectivity. This is crucial for businesses requiring quick data transfer and constant online presence.

Advanced Compliance and Certification

  • Wide Range of Compliance Standards: The Amsterdam Data Center adheres to stringent compliance standards, including PCI-DSS, ISAE 3402, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, and AMS-IX compliance. These certifications are indicative of high security and operational standards, making it a trustworthy option for businesses with strict data protection and privacy requirements.
  • Focus on Security: The data center’s compliance with these standards ensures that it meets the rigorous requirements for data protection, privacy, and security – essential for European businesses, especially considering the GDPR regulations.

High Capacity and Scalability

  • Server Capacity: With a capacity ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 servers, the Amsterdam Data Center can accommodate businesses of various sizes, from startups to large enterprises. This scalability is vital for businesses looking to grow without switching data center providers.
  • Efficient Power and Cooling Systems: The data center boasts a power system with a current capacity of 12.5 MW, scalable up to 60 MW, and an efficient PUE 1.2 rating. The cooling system, featuring N+1 redundancy and advanced technologies like indirect adiabatic systems, ensures optimal performance and reliability of hosted services.

Enhanced Security Measures

  • Robust Physical and Network Security: With 24/7/365 on-site and mobile guards, 3-meter perimeter fencing, secured loading docks, and a window-less building, the physical security is top-notch. The multi-level access authorization with biometric scans further fortifies the center against unauthorized access. Network security is equally stringent, with state-of-the-art CCTV and monitored alarms, ensuring data integrity and protection against cyber threats.

Commitment to Support and Reliability

  • 24/7/365 Support: Liquid Web’s promise of round-the-clock support is particularly beneficial for European users operating in different time zones. The presence of skilled technicians ensures prompt incident response and problem resolution, which is critical for maintaining business continuity.

In summary, Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center is tailored to meet the high expectations of European users. Its prime location, direct connectivity to major internet exchanges, stringent compliance with various certifications, advanced infrastructure, robust security measures, and unwavering support make it a top-tier choice for businesses looking to host their services in Europe.

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Pros and Cons of Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center

Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center stands out as a premier hosting solution for European users, leveraging advanced technical capabilities and strategic geographical placement. Let’s have a closer look at the specific benefits and potential drawbacks of utilizing this facility, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for prospective clients.


  1. Strategic Location: Situated in Amsterdam, the data center benefits from being at the heart of European internet infrastructure, offering minimal latency for European and Asian markets. This geographic advantage is crucial for businesses targeting these regions, ensuring faster data transmission and improved website performance.
  2. Compliance and Certification: Adhering to high standards, the data center is PCI-DSS, ISAE 3402, and ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certified. These certifications demonstrate a commitment to security, quality management, environmental policies, and information security management, making it an ideal choice for businesses with stringent regulatory requirements.
  3. Advanced Connectivity: Direct connections to two of Europe’s largest internet exchanges (AMS-IX and NL-IX) provide exceptional network speed and reliability. This ensures that businesses can maintain consistent, high-speed connections, essential for operations that depend on real-time data access and online transactions.
  4. Robust Security Measures: With 24/7/365 on-site and mobile guards, multi-level access authorization, and comprehensive CCTV coverage, the data center ensures top-tier security. This is critical for businesses handling sensitive data, providing peace of mind through enhanced physical and network security.
  5. Efficient Power and Cooling Systems: The data center’s power systems, including N+1 redundancy and advanced cooling technologies, ensure uninterrupted service and optimal server conditions. This results in reduced risk of downtime and ensures hardware longevity.


  1. Limited Physical Presence: For businesses outside Europe, the Amsterdam location might pose challenges in terms of physical accessibility. Remote management might not suffice in scenarios requiring physical intervention, which could be a concern for some international clients.
  2. Regional Focus: While ideal for targeting European and Asian markets, this regional focus might not be as advantageous for businesses primarily serving other global regions, like North America or Africa.
  3. Cost Implications: The high standards of operation and advanced technology employed at the Amsterdam data center might reflect in the cost of services. Businesses with limited budgets might find these premium services financially challenging.

In conclusion, Liquid Web’s Amsterdam Data Center presents a compelling choice for businesses seeking advanced hosting solutions in Europe, offering a blend of strategic location, compliance adherence, and technological sophistication. However, considerations around physical accessibility, regional focus, and cost should be weighed to ensure alignment with business needs.

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