Which Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting Plan Fits Your Business Size?

Liquid Web offers dedicated servers tailored to varying business needs: the Intel Xeon E-2334/E-2356G for SMBs with robust performance and cost-efficiency; the Intel Xeon Gold 6226R for large enterprises, offering unparalleled processing power and high-capacity storage; and customizable solutions for specialized requirements like HIPAA/PCI compliance. Each plan ensures scalability, enhanced security, and 24/7 expert support. Optimal data center locations guarantee improved performance and accessibility for a global audience.
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When determining which Liquid Web Dedicated Server Hosting Plan is optimal for your business size, it’s essential to evaluate specific factors such as your website’s traffic, the complexity of your applications, your security requirements, and your anticipated growth.

Here’s a breakdown of Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting Plans tailored to different business sizes:

Business Scale Recommended Plan CPU and Performance Memory and Storage Bandwidth and Data Transfer Security and Compliance Pricing Dynamics
SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) Intel Xeon E-2334 / Intel E-2356G 4-6 Cores, up to 5.0 GHz Turbo 16-32 GB RAM, 480 GB – 960 GB SSD 8 TB Bandwidth DDoS Protection, ServerSecure, Acronis Cyber Backups Cost-Efficient, Promotional Offers
Large Enterprises Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Dual CPU, 32 Cores, up to 3.9 GHz Turbo 128 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD + 4 TB SATA Backup 15 TB Bandwidth Enhanced Data Protection, Custom Compliance Premium Investment for Scalability
Specialized Requirements Custom Solutions Configurable Based on Requirements Scalable to Demand Adjustable to Business Needs HIPAA/PCI Compliant, Disaster Recovery Varies with Customization

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Ideal Plan: Intel Xeon E-2334 or Intel E-2356G

  • Traffic and Usage: Suitable for businesses with high traffic websites, multiple small to medium websites, or resellers.
  • Performance: These plans offer robust performance with 4 to 6 cores and turbo speeds up to 5.0 GHz, ensuring efficient handling of traffic surges and multiple applications.
  • Storage and RAM: Options start at 16 GB RAM, expandable to 32 GB, and SSD storage solutions, ensuring fast and reliable data access.
  • Security and Backup: Includes standard DDoS protection, ServerSecure advanced security, and Acronis Cyber Backups, crucial for businesses handling sensitive data.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing with options for limited-time discounts, making it budget-friendly for SMBs.

Large Businesses and Enterprises

Ideal Plan: Intel Xeon Gold 6226R

  • Traffic and Usage: Designed for large-scale operations like extensive databases, large SaaS providers, and heavy reseller traffic.
  • Performance: Dual CPU with 32 cores, offering unmatched processing power for intensive applications and multitasking.
  • Storage and RAM: Starts with 128 GB RAM and high-capacity SSD primary and backup disks, accommodating larger databases and high-speed data processing.
  • Bandwidth: Up to 15 TB, catering to high data transfer needs of large enterprises.
  • Security and Backup: Enhanced security features and ample backup storage, ideal for businesses requiring stringent data protection and disaster recovery plans.
  • Custom Solutions: Liquid Web specializes in custom solutions for complex infrastructure needs, offering tailored configurations for unique enterprise requirements.

Specialized Needs: HIPAA/PCI Compliance, Disaster Preparedness

Customizable Solutions

  • Compliance: Liquid Web provides dedicated servers compliant with HIPAA and PCI standards, critical for healthcare and e-commerce platforms.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Features like high availability and advanced backup solutions ensure business continuity.
  • Expert Support: Liquid Web’s team offers expertise in managing specialized and complex hosting needs, ensuring your business stays operational under all circumstances.

Key Considerations for All Business Sizes

  • Scalability: All plans offer scalability options to accommodate business growth.
  • Customer Support: Liquid Web’s 24/7/365 customer support is invaluable for businesses requiring constant assistance.
  • Data Center Choice: Choose the data center nearest to your audience for optimal performance.


Liquid Web’s Dedicated Server Hosting is designed with advanced users in mind. Selecting the right Liquid Web Dedicated Plan depends largely on your business size, traffic needs, security requirements, and growth trajectory.

Plan Key Specifications Monthly Cost Core Advantages Ideal For
Intel E-2356G 6 Cores @ 3.2 GHz (5.0 Max Turbo), 16 GB RAM, Dual 480 GB SSD Primary, 2 TB SSD Backup, 8 TB Bandwidth $199 – $299 High performance for traffic-intensive sites, scalable storage options, robust data transfer capabilities High traffic websites, multiple site hosting, small-scale applications, reselling
Intel Xeon E-2334 4 Cores @ 3.4 GHz (4.8 Max Turbo), 16 GB RAM, Dual 480 GB SSD Primary, 2 TB SSD Backup, 8 TB Bandwidth $174 – $274 Optimized for consistent performance, efficient handling of concurrent tasks, expansive bandwidth Busy online platforms, diverse web applications, multi-site management
Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Dual CPU, 32 Cores @ 2.9 GHz (3.9 Max Turbo), 128 GB RAM, Dual 960 GB SSD Primary, 4 TB SATA Backup, 15 TB Bandwidth $499 Enterprise-level processing power, extensive memory, high-capacity storage, superior bandwidth allocation Large-scale databases, SaaS providers, extensive reselling, multiple high-demand applications

Small to medium-sized businesses may find the Intel Xeon E-2334 or Intel E-2356G plans sufficient, while larger enterprises or those with specialized needs might opt for the Intel Xeon Gold 6226R plan or a customized solution.

Always consider factors like scalability, support, and data center location in your decision-making process.

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Advantages and Limitations of Liquid Web’s Dedicated Server Hosting

In web hosting, particularly dedicated hosting, each plan and provider comes with its distinct set of advantages and limitations. Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting Plans are no exception. Let’s dig into a technical analysis, exploring the benefits and drawbacks of their offerings to equip potential users with a well-rounded understanding.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
Performance High-efficiency CPUs, optimal for data-intensive operations and high-traffic management. Complex resource allocation requires precise estimation to avoid under or over-utilization.
Security Advanced DDoS protection, ServerSecure security, and Acronis Cyber Backups, ensuring robust defense against cyber threats. Higher security measures might necessitate additional configuration and management.
Scalability Resource scalability caters to business growth, allowing for RAM and storage expansion. May lead to underutilized resources if not accurately scaled to business needs.
Resource Allocation Dedicated resources ensure consistent server performance and stability. Requires a higher budget, particularly for startups or small enterprises.
Support and Compliance 24/7 expert support and compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and PCI. May be more complex than necessary for small websites with minimal resource requirements.

Benefits of Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting Plans:

  1. Optimized Performance: The plans, particularly the Intel Xeon Gold 6226R, are engineered for high-performance output, crucial for data-intensive operations and high-traffic websites. The use of advanced CPUs with multiple cores facilitates efficient data processing and application management.
  2. Enhanced Security: With features like DDoS protection, ServerSecure security, and Acronis Cyber Backups, Liquid Web’s hosting ensures robust defense mechanisms against cyber threats, making it a reliable choice for sensitive data handling and compliance-driven businesses.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: The plans offer scalable options, accommodating business growth with ease. This flexibility allows for an increase in resources like RAM and storage without the need for a complete system overhaul.
  4. Dedicated Resources: The allocation of dedicated resources guarantees consistent performance without the fluctuation associated with shared hosting environments, vital for businesses requiring stable and predictable server behavior.
  5. Expert Support and Compliance: Around-the-clock expert support and compliance with standards like HIPAA and PCI make Liquid Web a dependable partner for businesses with specialized hosting needs.

Drawbacks of Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting Plans:

  1. Cost Implications: The high-grade features and capabilities of these plans come with a significant investment, making them less feasible for startups or small businesses with limited budgets.
  2. Complexity for Novice Users: The technical nature of dedicated hosting, especially with advanced features and customization options, might present a learning curve for users new to web hosting or those without a technical background.
  3. Resource Allocation: While offering robust resources, the need for accurate prediction of resource requirements is crucial. Overestimation can lead to underutilized resources, while underestimation might hinder performance.
  4. Specific Use Case: Dedicated servers are particularly beneficial for websites with high traffic volumes and complex applications, which might not be necessary for smaller websites with minimal resource demands.


Liquid Web’s Dedicated Hosting Plans stand out for their performance, security, and scalability, making them an excellent choice for large enterprises and businesses with specific compliance needs. However, the cost and technical complexity should be carefully considered, especially by smaller businesses or those with limited technical expertise. Understanding these nuances ensures a more informed decision aligning with business objectives and operational requirements.

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