How to Calculate and List Sizes of MySQL / MariaDB Databases

Question :
I am finding the best way to calculate and list sizes of MySQL or MariaDB Databases ?

Answer :

In order to achive this, please do the following.

1. Enter to mysql root console:

# mysql -u root -p

2. Run the following SQL select query to calculate and list the sizes of all available databases in MySQL or MariaDB.

MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT table_schema AS "DB Name", SUM(data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024 AS "Size (MB)" FROM information_schema.TABLES GROUP BY table_schema;

Output :

| DB Name            | Size (MB)   |
| wordpressdb        | 36.79408455 |
| information_schema |  0.14062500 |
| mysql              |  0.62723351 |
| oscommercedb       |  1.42187500 |
| performance_schema |  0.00000000 |
5 rows in set (0.02 sec)

MariaDB [(none)]>


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