How to Install vim-enhanced on CentOS 6.4

Linux LogoVIM (VIsual editor iMproved) or VI enhanced is the improved and advanced version of the famous vi editor which added with many enhancements like GUI support, interpreters for the Python and Perl scripting languages, syntax highlighting, online help and multiple windows. VIM or vim-enhanced package seeks to provide complete version of the previous vi editor. Vi was the first editor for UNIX, and is still very popular until today. In order to install VIM on your CentOS 6.4 all you have to do is run the following :

[root@centos64 ~]# yum install vim-enhanced -y

Warning if your CentOS does not install with VIM.

[root@centos64 ~]# vim /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
-bash: vim: command not found

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