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cPanel’s Expansion below the Equator

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Due to the strong financial performance of cPanel in North America, they have decided to expand to South America. This will be accomplished through their Fast Update service in conjunction with HostDime’s data center located in Brazil. This area has grown significantly over the past few years so cPanel has decided to take action toward these new and emerging markets.

HostDime’s Success

According to HostDime representatives, they have seen tremendous growth in South American regions over the past four years. They have worked with cPanel in the past but not on a project of this magnitude.

HostDime is an industry-leading web hosting provider with many services available. Founded in 2001, they have pioneered the industry by providing many features at an affordable cost. HostDime has continually expanded since conception due to their highly popular products. They are currently a global company with six offices worldwide.

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The Fast Update Service

cPanel’s Fast Update Service is a feature offered by many partners of the company. They also consider this to be of the most important building blocks in assisting data centers in South America because it increases the speed of installations and updates.        The old method is finding connections to mirror servers. The new technology involves connecting to locally-housed servers that provides updates to cPanel servers.

The Fast Update service utilizes cPanel proprietary technology to find the closest mirror along with an algorithm that chooses the most efficient mirror for quick and reliable information transmission.

Advantages of the Expansion

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This growth is expected to increase speeds of installation by 400 percent which lowers transit costs for cPanel and its customers. Also, these improvements translate to a decrease in the number of service interruptions, a reduction in bandwidth costs for data centers and the option for customers to relocate their resources to other web hosting areas of the world.

Once the expansion is complete, cPanel plans to add Spanish-speaking technical support, website efforts and product translations for these countries. Although most of the world speaks English, this will be a nice addition for those countries whose first language is Spanish.

This expansion is excellent progress for both companies and South American regions. Since they are considered an emerging market, it is important to lay the groundwork early for the explosion of commerce that will inevitably follow. There are many advantages for all parties as a result of cPanel’s product and HostDime’s service growth.


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