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The Unique Advantages of Plesk

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The current control panel market is extremely competitive in nature and constantly expanding with new software. These software titles claim to be the best, or the most suitable for a certain situation, yet only a few actually can come close to fulfilling this promise. One of the few control panels that could be placed in the top 3 would be Plesk. Parallel’s Plesk is a unique and powerful control panel that simplifies administrative tasks and improves the functionality of your website. Since the features of Plesk are so diverse, we deemed it necessary to create a full overview of Plesk’s most unique and powerful features.


Perhaps one of the most notable features of Plesk is it’s unique ability to work with both Window and Linux operating systems. Plesk is also compatible with virtually any server environment and thrives in the VPS server environment. Plesk can also be used with any web hosting account, letting users take their control panel with them when they decide to change web hosts. Plesk also includes a language pack that lets users customize the software using their own language, making it a multilingual control panel as well. This compatibility truly makes Plesk a suitable option for any user, regardless of their nationality or system/server configuration.

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Another unique feature of Plesk is the ability to customize the look and feel of the control panel for re-branding and reselling. Users can change the color of the control panel and many other options, and then rename it and resell it under a different name. Of course to do this, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate Plesk plan, but it is a feasible and plausible way to make extra money with your control panel, especially if you’re already reselling hosting packages.


Plesk is also one of the most stable control panels, protecting your site from hackers, server crashes, and dreaded downtime. Using Plesk gives you the ability to relax knowing that you control panel is secure and therefore the administrative interface of your site is protected. Plesk’s performance also adds to the stability of the program, as each feature can be learned with ease and use to it’s maximum capabilities by even the most novice user. Plesk also has integrated troubleshooting features that automatically catch and repair errors within the administrative system, ensuring maximum reliability.

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Site Builder

The patented Plesk site builder includes a variety of extremely useful tools that let you create, edit and organize your web pages with ease. The entire control panel is fully expandable and can be enhanced with the few clicks of the mouse and the addition of a few web applications, although the default settings are more than capable of carrying out complex tasks. The site builder itself is extremely simple to use, due to it’s user-friendly five step wizard that walks users through the process of creating a web page with ease.

Although many people prefer solutions such as cPanel, Plesk has proven itself as a worthy competitor time and time again. If you’re using dual operating systems, or if you just need a highly capable control panel solution, then I would highly recommend Plesk.


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