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designcontest is your one stop crowd sourcing shop for all custom graphic designs needs. designers from all over the world compete for clients business resulting in amazing custom graphics.

Many new and existing business owners competing for visibility in today’s fast-paced market, finding dependable, affordable, and talented graphic designers can be a challenge. Small businesses typically do not have in-house graphic designers and must outsource needs such as logo design, business cards, stationary, print, and websites. It’s important to find a designer that understands their client’s aesthetic, can work within important deadlines and budget, and will provide a design that meets their client’s needs. Finding the perfect designer can be a challenge – that’s where comes in.

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Operating since 2003, (formerly connects its clients with thousands of experienced, talented designers. The client becomes the contest holder, and the community of designers competes for a monetary prize. Instead of the 4 to 6 design options typically provided by a single design firm, the client will have hundreds of different design options to choose from and are given the opportunity to communicate with individual designers and provide feedback every step of the way. All of the contests on run for one or two weeks, longer if the contest holder wants to see more, at the end of which a single designer is selected as the winner and original files are released.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee assures clients that they only end up with a design that meets their needs.

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