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Interworx: Lightweight Yet Effective Control Panel

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The control panel market offers many solutions for customers with varying needs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a large corporation, you’re sure to find a web hosting control panel that will suit your needs. Many people have trouble finding out which control panel would be most suitable for their needs, however there are some control panels that can accommodate both large and small online businesses. One such control panel is the Interworx control panel.

InterWorx control panel is known as a cluster control panel, in other words it is capable of administrating several servers at once, although it can also be used to manage a single server as well.  InterWorx is also optimal for a dedicated server environment, and its multi-leveled user interface is simple to learn, yet very powerful. The software was originally designed to accommodate the administration needs of users with multiple servers, however over time the developers included simpler features for novice users. Both resellers and end-users can benefit equally from this software, as the server space allotted is not restricted on either end.  There are two main interfaces within the InterWorx software: the  SiteWorx (domain/reseller administration module),  and NodeWorx (server administration module)

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Ease of Use

Although InterWorx is capable of handling complex administration tasks, it’s learning curve is relatively simple, even for novice users. It’s simplicity is compounded by the easy to use tool guide located in plain view on the main navigational page. In comparison to other control panels, InterWorx  is very easy to learn, and all of the features can be figured out by simply experimenting with the software.

Multiple Domains

Increasing web presence by owning multiple domains has become very popular in recent years, and InterWorxs realizes the demand for a control panel that can handle unlimited domains. In fact, InterWorks gives users the ability to build multiple websites from a single interface with the use of FTP, SSH and secure databases.  All of your domains receive email account administration and HTML directories. The only thing you need to worry about is the amount of disk space your web hosting provider offers.

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Installation Application – ScriptWorx

InterWorx also includes an application called ScriptWorx, which allows you to install virtually any third party application with ease. These applications can greatly enhance the quality and functionality of your website by offering shopping carts, content, blogs, media galleries and more. Some of the applications will also greatly boost your marketing efforts, thereby increasing your business productivity. Since InterWorx is an open source software, developers can also use the integrated ScriptWorx tool to write their own scripts which can then be integrated into th software. This make InterWorx a very appealing control panel to programmers and developers.  Included in the software is an update utility which gives programmers regular updates on new programming languages and scripts.

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Compact Yet Powerful

Since InterWorx is scripted in PHP and powered by MySQL, it is a very compact yet powerful program. In fact, the control panel uses less resources than a single Apache server.  InterWorx also includes a load balancing utility that allows the software to run quietly and efficiently in the background without disrupting any other functions on your operating system.


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