The Best Business Control Panel – vDeck vs. cPanel

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The Best Business Control Panel – vDeck vs. cPanel

Web hosting control panels are the focal points of all hosting plans. Virtually every aspect of web hosting account can be controlled from within the centralized interface, from email account management to redirects and everything in between. The main purpose of the control panel is to provide simplified management of the hosting account and the websites hosted on the web server.

There are dozens of control panels available on the internet, and in many cases they are included with the hosting plan by default. Thus, it is best to choose the right hosting plan which includes a suitable control panel for your online business. There are two control panels that you should consider when looking for a solution for your online business – vDeck and cPanel.

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The Advantages of cPanel

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel in the world, and there are undoubtedly thousands of people using it at this very moment. With such a large user base it is easy to see why there are a plethora of video tutorials and online communities devoted to the usage of cPanel. Aside form its simplicity and thorough documentation due to its popularity, cPanel is also one of the most visually pleasing control panels ever created.

Every aspect of web hosting administration and management is classified into specific modules that are neatly organized into rows. In fact, the navigation of cPanel is so self explanatory even the most novice webmaster can learn their way around it in a matter of minutes. With so many advantages and such a simple interface it is easy to see why many web hosting providers offer cPanel by default with all of their hosting plans. As a business solution, cPanel is perfect for small to medium-size business owners that need a user-friendly comprehensive control panel.

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The Advantages of vDeck

vDeck is not quite as popular as cPanel, but being in its third generation it is steadily gathering a fan base. The producers of the vDeck control panel are promising that it is the future of control panels. One aspect of vDeck that makes it more appealing for the large business owner is the software’s ability to simplify the management and promotion of extensive web sites. vDeck is completely expandable, and there are a plethora of modules that are devoted to various administrative and promotional duties. Users have the freedom to install and change pre-designed templates that give the control panel a custom look. There are also plenty of addons for vDeck that can make it much more powerful than cPanel. Ultimately, vDeck is the perfect control panel for a professional online business owner.

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The final decision between cPanel and vDeck is one that must be made by each individual business owner. Small to medium size business owners with little technical skills would inevitably fair better with the simplified user interface of cPanel. On the other hand, professional online business owners that need an expandable powerhouse control panel may want to consider giving vDeck a try.

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One thought on “The Best Business Control Panel – vDeck vs. cPanel

  1. Taylor Hawkes says:

    I think the other big advantage of vDeck is it’s cheaper, so for individuals looking for shared hosting they usually can find cheaper plans if they use vDeck as appose to cPanel.

    Personally I like cPanel, but I think for most it’s not work paying extra for it.