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Mambo Web Hosting: The Industry’s Leading Content Management System

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Whether you’re a novice or advanced guru when it comes to using a content management system, Mambo offers benefits and features for web designers of all experience levels.  Mambo is an increasingly popular and excellent web design tool serving as a content management system that allows web designers to create online content and manage websites by using a basic web interface.   Mambo is so easy to install and use that the average person with absolutely no experience can publish a personal website with virtually no assistance.  Mambo is exclusively based on PHP and MySQL scripting language, and the installation requirements are minimal and easy to install within minutes.

What is Mambo Hosting?

Many in the web hosting industry consider Mambo among one of the few most free powerful content management systems available when compared to others in today’s market.  With Mambo’s easy-to-use interface and fully-loaded user friendly features, the prestigious accolades are rightfully deserved.

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In fact, Mambo is an award winning content management system used to maintain a vast spectrum of website applications including personal websites, governmental portals, inner-office intranets and extranets, -commerce ventures, nonprofit organizations, educational institutes, religious affiliations, as well as complex corporate systems.   Mambo’s “power in simplicity” makes a favorite content management system in both the non-profit and profit sector.

The Advantages of Mambo

There are numerous advantages of Mambo which makes it so favorable among web designers.   The content management systems’ features such as improve performance by page caching on busy sites, advancement in template techniques, and supporting a fairly robust API.  In addition, Mambo can support RSS feeds, and make the task easier of automating tasks such as static web pages.

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The advanced interface options include printable pages, e-commerce features, photo galleries, news flashes, blogs, visitor forums, online survey polls, calendars search features, and international languages.

Other advantages include:

  • Established 8 years ago, with over 7 million downloads
  • Free
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Ability to customize
  • Open Source

Finding a Web Host to Support Mambo

Although the CMS’ ease of use and vast features it offers are in large part why it’s so popular, the problem arises when trying to secure a web host that supports Mambo because it’s written in PHP programming language.   If the web host provider does not support PHP applications, then you’re out of luck trying to install Mambo.

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Web hosting packages and services such as Linux and Windows IIS, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD, however, do support both scripting languages to support the Mambo content management system.   Furthermore, Mambo offers a free tutorial to navigate through its features and design abilities.   Keep in mind if you plan to utilize Mambo as your primary content management system, before consider purchasing a reliable web hosting service make sure that it fully supports Mambo.

When considering a reliable and powerful content management system to maintain your website, Mambo is one of the industry’s top picks for its loaded and easy to use features.


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