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Moodle CMS – A CMS Solution for Educational Sites

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Setting up an online learning site involves a lot of different steps. In order to build the most comfortable learning environment for your students, you’ll need a properly built and managed website that is both user-friendly and comprehensive. Using the right control panel, site templates, formatting and other tools will help you create the best virtual learning environment for all of your students. However, perhaps the most important tool you’ll need when building your online learning site will be the content management system. Since the main method of teaching will be by providing edifying content to the student, you’ll need to have a method of effectively managing and assigning this content. Moodle CMS lets you do this in so many ways.

Student Assessment

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Perhaps one of the most useful tools provided in the Moodle CMS are the student assessment tools. These tools will let you monitor student progress as they proceed through each lesson. Moodle CMS offers a variety tracking tools that will let you know how each student is performing in certain tasks.

Student Teacher Communication

With Moodle CMS, you can create an online community complete with forums and chat rooms, where students can interact with each other and their teachers. You can also build wikis that students can contribute to, and other useful databases. With the Moodle CMS communication tools, students and teachers can maintain constant communication with each other.

Multimedia Learning

Moodle CMS multimedia lets teachers use more than just basic text files to teach. Teachers can upload comprehensive video and audio files to enrich the learning experience for their student. Users can also employ interactive learning tools that make the learning process more fun. For this reason, many educational institutions have adopted the Moodle CMS for use in the classroom, in combination with conventional teaching methods.

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Plugins and Addons

Users of the Moodle CMS system will also find a plethora of plugins online contributed by other users that will let them extend the functionality of their CMS even further. Addons can be found that provide a variety of learning tools that enhance the entire educational process., such as course enrollment, and task assignment and scheduling. There are even plugins that let the teacher create math and word puzzles/games for their students. You can even hire a programmer, or create extra plugins yourself, as Moodle CMS is an open source software.


In a virtual environment it can be difficult to keep your students interest in learning, especially when the content provided to them is mundane and simple. With Moodle CMS, you can give your students a friendly, fun learning environment that keeps them engaged in all of their assignments. Teachers can offer a plethora of incentives and other motivational techniques that, along with multimedia lessons, make the entire educational process appealing to the student. Using the Moodle CMS, users can  be sure they are giving their student an enjoyable learning tool that is expandable, flexible, comprehensive and useful.


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  • Avatar Rajinder Maini says:

    I have put in 4 decades teaching MATHEMATICS for schools in INDIA from 6th class to 12th class of CBSE.
    Interested to start my own online teaching. Kindly give me some details on how to use Moodle CMS.
    Kindly do not flood me mails which are not relevant to me.

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