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New Social Media Website Announced

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On Thursday, April 7th, 2011, was made available to the public and recorded an unprecedented amount of traffic throughout the entire launch weekend. searches, collects, sorts and assembles a collection of media from numerous sources across the Internet thus eliminating the need for minor status updates on a regular basis. This is all accomplished in a fun and social atmosphere.

The Amazing Numbers Following Launch

Within the first four days following launch, the site generated over 1 million hits, boasting 5,000 unique visitors and 125,000 page views. As a result, was tagged as one of the fastest growing social media websites to ever launch. This is quite the honor considering the competition like YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and social bookmarking sites.

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The Goal of

The primary goal of the CEO and Founder was to launch a different experience.’s idea of sharing a variety of popular media content is straightforward and simple. Once a user joins, they become media broadcasters by creating their own virtual channel utilizing the Spling system to collect the best and most relevant media from across the Internet. This content will then be sorted onto a personalized page as a microblog.

The First Real Social Networking System claims to be the first true social networking system utilized solely for entertainment and media. The experience is a hybrid website, an intersection between social networking and microblogging with the goal of entertainment. Their motto is, “We are new, we are different, and most importantly we capture the Internet users’ thirst for entertainment.”

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The 2011 Venture Plan Competition

The founders of recently took first place in the 2011 Venture Plan Competition sponsored by the Greater Susquehanna Keystone Innovation Zone, Bloomsburg University, Bucknell University and Susquehanna University. was initially launched on 19 college campuses simultaneously and is currently being promoted by 35 campus representatives to advertise the service.

Innovation at its Best appears to be an innovative, fun and different way of communicating with friends the latest happenings in the news and entertainment gathered from across the Internet. Each account seems to be fully customizable to the tastes of each user. Therefore, other users can search for specific types of media in various categories to display the virtual channel of users in that group. This is definitely much different from Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media websites.


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    surely a great entertainment. in no time, this can be as famous as youtube and facebook.

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