Online Press Releases: An Effective SEO Technique

Press releases are becoming a popular and effective method for search engine optimization. This technique will increase your search engine results page (SERP) as well as increase your presence on the web. Given this change, press releases should be a part of everyone’s search engine optimized campaign.

The Advantages of Press Releases

The circulation of a press release is an effective way to promote your company and advertise promotions, sales, major news breakthroughs and accomplishments. Journalists, bloggers and websites are constantly searching the web for news content; this is a great way to build backlinks to your site. Once they find your press release, it will be transferred across the global web.

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Additionally, a quality press release will result in authority and niche sites picking up the article. This means you’ll have a well-establish, Google popular website linking to your creation thus increasing search results and ultimately traffic.

Methods of Distribution

There are a few methods for distributing press releases. First, try to post to different websites, blogs and other media outlets. Other options include distributing the release to PRWeb or Send2Press. There are different pricing plans to enable to site to upload the press release to multiple social networking sites, news outlets and search engines. These two methods are inexpensive ways of advertising your press release.

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Reasons to Write a Press Release

One of the main reasons for creating a press release is for big news occurring at your company, like the hiring of a new CEO. Also accomplishments such as breaking a sales record or winning an industry award should be syndicated across the web. Major sales, promotions and specials are interesting pieces of news that people are interesting in and its good advertising as well as link generation which could result in traffic conversions.

Prior to the Release

Before releasing, you should generate a list of targeted keywords that will help you increase your rank within search engines. Scatter the press release with these keywords but keep the density at the back of your mind. An effective rule of thumb is to use one or two keyword per 100 written words.

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Press releases are becoming one of the most effective tools for search engine optimization. Since so many others (including your competition) are utilizing this advantageous method, its time for you to jump on board and start bringing targeted traffic to your site.

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