Web-cp – Free and Open Source Control Panel for Developers

If you’re a web developer than you’re probably aspiring to make a significant contribution to the online community. One of the easiest ways to build a custom software without having to devote an exuberant amount of temporal dedication to the project is to use a pre-designed open source platform as your starting point. Control panels […]

Using Web Hosting Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Web hosting is a complex and extensive industry that encompasses nearly every aspect of site creation, management and organization. However most people overlook some of the tools and resources provided within their web hosting control panel. These tools can be sued to improve the design and functionality of your web sites, which will keep your […]

Using the Control Panel to View Traffic Statistics

Keeping track of the traffic statistics of your website is absolutely imperative, especially when considering all of the variable that exist when trying to optimize your site for future visitors. In order to know what to focus on, you have to know what is working. Without a solid outlook on the progress of your site […]

Using the Email Interface in Your Control Panel

Every control panel includes various modules that make managing a site or several sites easier. Each module is responsible for a different set of tasks that can be executed at will to perform a variety of functions within the site’s backend interface. The control panel is usually segmented into different sections that pertain to different […]

Managed Web Hosting For Novice Users

Establishing your first website can be a difficult process, as there are many steps involved that novice users are unfamiliar with. Minimize the many things you have to learn initially will help you get started by removing a lot of the stress that is associated with trying any new endeavor. The faster you get started, […]

Control Panel Industry Overview – 4 Top Competitors

php cms

Many webmasters and technically inclined internet specialists will tell you that a web server is only as valuable as the control panel used to administer it. Without a good control panel, the web server is practically useless, at least to the average webmaster. Control panels simplify the administration of complex tasks that are performed every […]