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Choosing Control Panels: cPanel or Plesk

The average web developer is very familiar with and knows of all the different types of web hosting control panels. Control panels are essentially a web based platform that seeks…

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cPanel’s Expansion below the Equator

Due to the strong financial performance of cPanel in North America, they have decided to expand to South America. This will be accomplished through their Fast Update service in conjunction…

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Multiple Domain Hosting for Improved SEO

Keeping track of all of your scheduled tasks as a webmaster can be extremely difficult, especially when you own several web sites and you have to continuously log in and…

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Using the Control Panel to View Traffic Statistics

Keeping track of the traffic statistics of your website is absolutely imperative, especially when considering all of the variable that exist when trying to optimize your site for future visitors….

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Managed Web Hosting For Novice Users

Establishing your first website can be a difficult process, as there are many steps involved that novice users are unfamiliar with. Minimize the many things you have to learn initially…

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Utilizing a Control Panel for Novices

The control panel is perhaps the most important part of your backend interface that is used to manage and organize your websites. Without a control panel your hosting account would…