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3 Steps to a Successful eCommerce Site

As eCommerce continues to expand around the global, ordinary people everywhere are trying to find their gold nugget in the internet gold rush. Some domain names are currently worth more…

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Understanding Misspelled Domain Names

The domain name industry is rapidly expanding, and every word and phrase in the English language is slowly but surely being used. Eventually, it will be nearly impossible to find…

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How to Pick the Right Domain Name Extension

Choosing the right domain name extension is usually a very simple task for most people, as many webmasters tend to stick to .com domains, as they are the most popular….

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.Co Domains and Shortened URLS

The new .CO domains are being bought and sold furiously as a formidable market is currently being built around the hottest realty on the internet right now. With the dawn…

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Knowing the Value of Your Domain

The domain name industry is expanding rapidly, because there are so many people exploiting this industry it can seem as though every name you request has been taken. While this…

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Judging the Value of Domain Names

The name of a domain directly affects the overall success of a website, not only through search engine optimization, but also through the eyes of the visitors themselves. A memorable…

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The Benefits of Buying an Existing Domain Name

Domain names come and go, get activated and deactivated, renewed and expired. These processes occur thousands of times per day throughout the year. Domain names are a vital aspect of…

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Buying Aged and Recently Expired Domains

Finding a good domain name in this day and age is nearly impossible, as each day hundreds of them are bought by people around the world. Unfortunately, most of these…

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Rules for Choosing a Great Domain Name

Domain name selection is particularly important when starting an online business. This is the website address that is going to represent the company and convey the content of the site….