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Why a Longer Domain Name Not be a Bad Idea

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When it comes to choosing a domain name, one golden rule of thumb is to keep your selection short and simple.  However, there are some instances in which the longer name can be advantageous.  Don’t believe us?  Here are a few reasons that will help make our case.

SEO Benefits

Search engine spiders love text, and the more you can fit in your domain name, the better.  This shows the search engines that your website is most likely related to the keywords or phrases incorporated in your domain name, a factor that gives you a huge advantage over similar websites that have chosen not to take this route.  It is quite obvious that the longer your domain name is, the more keywords you can insert.  You have up to 64 characters to work with, so use this space wisely and make the most of it.

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Easier to Remember than You Might Think

One reason many are against longer domain names is because they can be more difficult to recall than their shorter counterparts.  While this is often true, it is not always the case.  For example, if you just throw a bunch of keywords together for the sake of higher search engine rankings, then not only is your domain name likely to be difficult to remember, it probably will not make much sense either.  One way to get around the memory issue is to incorporate a sensible sentence into your domain name.  Because they have a better flow, sentences tend to be easier to remember.  So if you have targeted three keywords, try composing them into a short sentence and see how they would fit in your domain name.  Remember, you have the maximum size of 64 characters to play with and this could give you the leverage needed to come up with a domain name that is both easy to remember and effective.

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Greater Impact

Another reason to choose a longer domain is because they stick out and can truly resonate with your audience.  While the same can be said for a shorter one, a long domain that carries appeal can provide a degree of uniqueness that allows you to stand out from the crowd.  This betters your chances of increasing the popularity of your website and thus, attracting more qualified visitors.  Some of the most frequently visited websites can attribute a great deal of their success to long domain names.


The short domain name offers numerous advantages.  However, when compared to longer ones, the most distinct may be that they are simply easier to type into a user’s address bar.  Because a large number of internet users rely on the search engines to find what they need, that value decreases even more.  When used correctly, longer domains can help improve your search engine visibility, increase traffic and help you stand out from the crowd, all of which are key ingredients to a successful website.


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  • Avatar Web Hosting UK says:

    While you make a point with this post, my opinion that best domain names are still those short, 2-3 keywords, easy memorable ones. Plus, the longer it is, more prone to typos it is. 🙂

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