Why Mac Web Hosting is a Worthy Consideration

For years, the Mac operating system has prided itself on being an intuitive and user-friendly operating system.  When considering its tremendous power, it should be no surprise that Mac OS X is now being increasingly used in the server environment as a web hosting platform.  The server version of the product has evolved tremendously over the pass decade, growing more advanced with each release to introduce new functionality and enhanced components to support web applications and websites in general.  If you are currently at the stage of choosing a platform for your website needs, this article will explain why Mac web hosting could make a viable alternative to the more trendy options.

Mac’s Journey Through Web the Hosting Industry

With the launch of Mac OS X Server in 1999, Apple began to embark on a more modern operating system that offered the user-friendliness of Windows, with the power and flexibility of Unix, the OS from which it borrows many characteristics.  Mac OS X Server was released as a consumer product in 2001 and became more widely adopted over the next year as its functionality and stability were enhanced to the point of widespread usability.  In 2003, Apple introduced version 10.3 of its Mac OS X Server and the software quickly became a mainstream option as a platform for Apache 1.3 web servers.  At this time, the OS only supported Apache through the use of GUI administrative tools.  It wasn’t until 2007 that the software would offer support for  Apache in native form via the GUI management tool set built into Mac OS X version 10.5, more commonly known as Leopard.

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The Benefits of Mac Web Hosting

Aside from a rock-solid core based off the powerful Unix operating system, Leopard 10.5.8, the latest edition of the Mac OS X Server product, is equipped with preemptive multitasking, protected memory, advanced memory management and even tighter security than before.  The platform is tailored to ensure the maximum service uptime with fault tolerance features that offer the ability to constantly monitor system activity, restart troubled services, and recover from system failures.  It also has the ability to restart the system automatically following a power outage, thus helping keep downtime to bare minimum.  In addition to these benefits, Mac OS X offers a suite of web-friendly features that include network management, server-side scripting support and Quick Time multimedia streaming among several others.

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Potential Drawbacks of Mac Web Hosting

Mac web hosting is definitely scarce when compared to the market offerings based on the dominant Linux and Windows platforms.  This is partially because that even though improved, the system’s GUI is still quite complex and technically challenging.  However, for the user who is sound in command-line administration, this platform can be just as efficient as any other.  In the end, web hosting on the Mac OS X platform will always be a great choice for those who demand a stable and secure web environment, two qualities you must have in any hosting solution.

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