How Does Confluence Networks Ensure Reliability and Low Latency in Its Services?

Confluence Networks delivers unparalleled reliability and low latency through Confluence-1, a direct, high-capacity undersea cable system with strategic landing stations across the East Coast of the US. The network is designed with 24 fiber pairs and offers both Dark Fiber and scalable Capacity Services, supported by 24/7 monitoring and industry-standard SLAs. This infrastructure ensures optimal performance, minimal delay, and high throughput for all data transmission needs.
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Confluence Networks ensures reliability and low latency in its services through a meticulously designed undersea cable system, Confluence-1, and a comprehensive operational strategy that focuses on the technical and infrastructural aspects of its network.

This approach is underpinned by several core elements:

Direct and Diverse Routes

Confluence-1 is engineered as a direct, more secure alternative to the existing terrestrial routes between Miami and New York. By bypassing longer and potentially more congested terrestrial pathways, Confluence-1 significantly reduces the distance data must travel, thereby minimizing latency. The system’s design, featuring a main trunk from Wall, NJ to Sunny Isles, FL, and branches to Virginia Beach, VA, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Jacksonville Beach, FL, ensures that data flows through the most efficient routes, enhancing speed and reliability.

High-Capacity Infrastructure

The network boasts 24 fiber pairs along a 2,571 km total route length, connecting major cable landings on the East Coast of the US. This high-capacity infrastructure is capable of supporting over 1000 Tbps of traffic, facilitating vast amounts of data transmission with minimal delay. Such capacity not only meets current demands but is also scalable to accommodate future growth, ensuring long-term reliability.

Strategic Landing Stations

Confluence Networks has developed key landing sites in New York, Miami, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, and a new site in the Carolinas. These locations were chosen for their strategic importance in facilitating direct and efficient interconnection among existing and upcoming international subsea systems. This strategic placement of landing stations further reduces latency by shortening the distance data travels between major intercontinental routes.

Dark Fiber and Capacity Services

Confluence Networks offers Dark Fiber Pairs between New York and Miami on an IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) basis, with terms ranging from 15 to 25 years. This service provides commercial and technical independence to customers, allowing them to manage their own networking equipment and software, which can be optimized for performance and latency reduction. Additionally, the company’s fast, flexible, and scalable Capacity Services are fully provisioned and managed, ensuring rapid deployment and high reliability.

Maintenance and SLAs

To guarantee the network’s performance, Confluence Networks commits to comprehensive 24/7 network monitoring, fault detection, repair & return, and marine maintenance services under industry-standard SLAs. These measures ensure that any issues are swiftly identified and rectified, minimizing downtime and maintaining the network’s low latency and high reliability. The guaranteed end-to-end SLAs provide clients with assurance of consistent service quality, within current industry standards for latency.

Technical Specifications

Confluence-1 offers 10G and 100G ports for customer interfaces, accommodating a wide range of bandwidth requirements and ensuring that the network can handle large volumes of data efficiently. The use of modern interface technology supports the low-latency transmission of data, critical for applications requiring high throughput and minimal delay.

In sum, Confluence Networks’ approach to ensuring reliability and low latency in its services is multifaceted, focusing on direct and efficient routing, high-capacity infrastructure, strategic placement of landing stations, and robust service offerings including Dark Fiber and managed Capacity Services. Combined with a strong commitment to maintenance and customer service through SLAs, Confluence Networks provides a compelling solution for entities requiring high-performance, reliable, and low-latency undersea connectivity.

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Confluence Networks’ Strategic Advantages and Considerations

Confluence Networks emerges as a pioneering force with its Confluence-1 cable system, meticulously designed to bridge major cable landings on the US East Coast. Let’s have a closer look at the nuanced benefits and potential drawbacks of Confluence Networks’ approach, providing a balanced perspective for stakeholders considering its services.

Strategic Advantages

  • Direct Routing and Reduced Latency: By circumventing congested terrestrial pathways and employing a more direct undersea route, Confluence Networks significantly diminishes data transmission times. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring real-time data exchange, such as financial trading platforms and cloud services, where every millisecond impacts performance and user experience.
  • High-Capacity Infrastructure: The deployment of 24 fiber pairs across a 2,571 km route underscores a robust framework capable of handling voluminous data with ease. This scalability is essential for accommodating burgeoning data traffic, fostering the growth of digital economies, and supporting bandwidth-intensive applications without compromising on speed or reliability.
  • Strategic Landing Station Placement: The judicious selection of landing sites enhances network efficiency and interconnectivity. Such strategic positioning facilitates seamless data flow between continents, bolstering global communication networks and enabling a resilient infrastructure that mitigates risks associated with terrestrial connectivity disruptions.
  • Comprehensive Service Offerings and SLAs: Offering both Dark Fiber and managed Capacity Services with flexible IRU terms, Confluence Networks caters to a diverse clientele seeking technical autonomy or turnkey solutions. Coupled with stringent SLAs, clients are assured of consistent network performance and reliability, fortified by proactive maintenance and fault rectification protocols.

Potential Considerations

  • Initial Deployment and Maintenance Costs: The upfront investment in undersea cable infrastructure is substantial, not just in laying the cables but also in establishing landing stations and maintaining the network. While these costs are amortized over the service life, they could influence pricing structures, impacting cost-sensitive customers.
  • Geopolitical and Environmental Risks: Undersea cables, despite their advantages, are not immune to geopolitical tensions or environmental hazards. Such risks could potentially affect service continuity, although Confluence Networks mitigates these through strategic route planning, redundancy, and comprehensive marine maintenance efforts.
  • Technological Evolution: The rapid pace of technological advancement poses both an opportunity and a challenge. While current infrastructure supports immense capacity and low latency, staying ahead requires continuous investment in technology upgrades to accommodate next-generation data transmission demands.


Confluence Networks, through its Confluence-1 project, offers a compelling proposition in the undersea connectivity landscape, marked by strategic routing, high-capacity infrastructure, and comprehensive service offerings. While weighing the benefits of direct, efficient data transmission and robust network design, stakeholders should also consider the implications of deployment costs, geopolitical and environmental risks, and the need for technological agility. This balanced evaluation underscores Confluence Networks’ commitment to advancing global connectivity while highlighting areas for ongoing attention and investment.

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