How Does InMotion Hosting Manage Automatic Updates and Security Patches?

InMotion Hosting provides a robust and automated approach to managing updates and security patches for its dedicated servers, ensuring optimal security and performance. This includes automatic software updates, rapid deployment of security patches, and continuous monitoring for compliance with industry standards. The company's comprehensive security suite, including Corero DDoS protection and a custom firewall, further fortifies server integrity against cyber threats.
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InMotion Hosting implements a rigorous and technically sophisticated approach to manage automatic updates and security patches for its dedicated server hosting. This process is integral to maintaining server integrity, security, and performance.

Here’s an in-depth look at how this is achieved:

1. Managed Server Approach: InMotion Hosting offers fully-managed dedicated server hosting. This service includes the management of critical software updates and security patches. The approach ensures that servers are not only updated with the latest software versions but also protected against known vulnerabilities.

2. Automatic Updates: For managed servers, InMotion Hosting automates the process of software updates. This automation covers essential components like the Operating System (OS) and installed applications. Regular updates are crucial for security, as they often include patches for recent vulnerabilities. By automating this process, InMotion ensures that the server environment remains up-to-date without the need for manual intervention by the server administrator.

3. Security Patch Deployment: InMotion Hosting prioritizes security patches, recognizing their importance in protecting servers against cyber threats. As soon as a security patch is released, especially for critical vulnerabilities, it is tested and then swiftly deployed to ensure the integrity and security of the server environment. This proactive approach to security helps in mitigating potential breaches or attacks.

4. Monitoring and Compliance: Continuous monitoring is another critical aspect of InMotion Hosting’s strategy. The company’s system administrators monitor servers for any unusual activity and ensure that they are always running the latest, most secure software versions. This monitoring extends to ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices in server security and maintenance.

5. Corero DDoS Protection: As part of its security suite, InMotion Hosting includes Corero DDoS protection. This is particularly relevant in the context of security patches, as it provides an additional layer of defense against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are becoming increasingly common. This protection works in tandem with other security measures to ensure robust server security.

6. Custom Firewall and Multi-Layer Defense: InMotion Hosting employs a custom firewall and multi-layer defense strategy. This not only includes the application of security patches but also the deployment of a range of defensive measures designed to protect against various cyber threats. These measures are continuously updated to respond to the evolving landscape of internet security threats.

7. Backup Manager: In terms of data security, InMotion Hosting offers Backup Manager on all dedicated servers. This feature plays a crucial role in the overall security strategy. In the event of a security breach or data loss, Backup Manager enables swift recovery, ensuring that the impact on the business is minimized.

8. Expert Support Team: InMotion Hosting’s dedicated server plans include access to an expert support team. This team is available 24/7/365 to assist with any issues related to updates and security patches, ensuring that any problems are resolved promptly and efficiently.

In summary, InMotion Hosting’s approach to managing automatic updates and security patches is comprehensive, proactive, and technically advanced. It ensures that dedicated servers remain secure, compliant, and up-to-date, thereby safeguarding the business operations of its clients.

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Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting’s Update Management and Security Protocols

InMotion Hosting’s approach to managing automatic updates and security patches for dedicated servers is a critical component of its hosting services, offering both advantages and some limitations. Let’s have a closer look at the technical aspects of their update management and security measures, exploring how they benefit or potentially constrain certain user scenarios.

Advantages Drawbacks
Enhanced Security and Compliance: Automated updates ensure server integrity and adherence to cybersecurity standards. Limited Customization: Automated process may restrict specific software version requirements for specialized hosting needs.
Operational Efficiency and Reliability: Minimized downtime due to automated update and patch management processes. Dependency on Provider: Reliance on InMotion Hosting for timely and accurate security updates.
Proactive Threat Mitigation: Integration of Corero DDoS protection and robust firewall for advanced cyber defense. Potential Compatibility Issues: Automatic updates could lead to conflicts with existing applications or configurations.
Data Integrity and Recovery: Backup Manager ensures data preservation and rapid recovery post-security incidents.


  1. Enhanced Security and Compliance: The automated update process ensures that the server environment is always equipped with the latest software versions and security patches. This reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and cyberattacks, adhering to stringent industry standards for data protection and cybersecurity.
  2. Operational Efficiency and Reliability: Automation of updates and patch management translates to high operational efficiency. It minimizes downtime related to manual updates, ensuring that the server is consistently performing at its peak with minimal disruptions.
  3. Proactive Threat Mitigation: With the integration of Corero DDoS protection and a robust firewall, InMotion Hosting proactively combats potential cyber threats. This multi-layered defense strategy is crucial in today’s landscape of sophisticated cyber attacks.
  4. Data Integrity and Recovery: The inclusion of Backup Manager aids in swift data recovery, further enhancing server reliability. This feature is essential for maintaining data integrity, especially in the wake of any security incidents.


  1. Limited Customization: Automated updates, while efficient, might limit customization options for users who require specific software versions for their applications. This could pose challenges for businesses with specialized hosting needs.
  2. Dependency on Provider: Relying on the hosting provider for critical updates and patches places significant trust in their ability to respond promptly to emerging threats. While InMotion Hosting has a robust protocol in place, any delays or oversights in updates could have security implications.
  3. Potential Compatibility Issues: Automatic updates can sometimes lead to compatibility issues with existing applications or custom configurations. Users need to ensure that their systems and applications are compatible with the latest updates and patches.

In conclusion, while InMotion Hosting’s automatic updates and security measures offer substantial benefits in terms of security, efficiency, and reliability, they also come with certain limitations, particularly in terms of customization and dependency on the provider. Users must weigh these factors based on their specific hosting needs and technical requirements.

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