What Fees are Non-Refundable in Web Hosting Hub’s Money Back Guarantee?

Web Hosting Hub's Money Back Guarantee does not refund fees associated with SSL certificates, domain privacy, and domain names. Refunds on "Free Domain Name" promotions are reduced by the domain registration cost and a $5.00 administrative fee. Additionally, dedicated IP address fees and specific nonrefundable charges are only partially refundable, based on a prorated calculation.
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When considering a web hosting service, it’s crucial to understand the specifics of their Money Back Guarantee, particularly which fees are non-refundable. This knowledge not only helps in managing expectations but also in financial planning for those utilizing Web Hosting Hub’s services.

In the case of Web Hosting Hub, their Money Back Guarantee comes with certain conditions, as detailed in their Terms of Service Agreement. Nonrefundable Fees as per Web Hosting Hub’s Money Back Guarantee:

Fee Category Description Refundability
SSL Certificates, Domain Privacy, Domain Names Irreversible third-party costs and registrations. Non-refundable (Fixed investment costs).
Free Domain Name Costs Costs incurred in a “Free Domain Name” promotion, including domain registration and administrative fees. Refund reduced by domain registration cost per year + $5.00 administrative fee.
Dedicated IP Address Fees Charges related to dedicated IP address services. Refundable on a prorated basis, calculated based on service term and cancellation date.
Setup Fees and Specified Nonrefundable Charges One-time setup costs and specified nonrefundable fees. Non-refundable after 90 days.
Charges Post 90 Days Fees related to services cancelled after 90 days. Pro-rated refund available, excluding nonrefundable fees.
  1. SSL Certificates, Domain Privacy, and Domain Names:
    • Fees related to SSL certificates, domain privacy, and domain names are non-refundable. These services often involve third-party costs and registrations that are irreversible. Customers should consider these costs as fixed investments when signing up.
  2. Free Domain Name Costs:
    • If a customer registers a domain name as part of a “Free Domain Name” promotion, they need to be aware that the refund amount will be reduced by the standard cost of domain registration per year plus a $5.00 administrative fee. It’s important to note that even though the domain name is initially offered for free, its cost becomes a non-refundable part once claimed.
  3. Dedicated IP Address Fees:
    • Any fees paid for dedicated IP addresses are refundable but only at a prorated rate. This rate is calculated based on the registration date, the term of service, and the date of cancellation.
  4. Setup Fees and Other Specified Nonrefundable Charges:
    • Setup fees and any other specified nonrefundable charges, if any, are also not subject to refund after ninety (90) calendar days. These are typically one-time costs associated with setting up an account or service.
  5. Charges Incurred After 90 Days:
    • For cancellations occurring after ninety (90) days, a pro-rated refund is available for most services, excluding the nonrefundable fees mentioned above.

Web Hosting Hub’s Money Back Guarantee offers a level of financial protection to customers, but it’s important to be aware of the limitations and nonrefundable fees involved. By understanding these details, customers can make more informed decisions about purchasing and cancelling Web Hosting Hub’s services, ensuring they are aware of any commitments and non-recoverable costs from the outset.

Pros and Cons of Web Hosting Hub’s Refund Policy

The refund policy of Web Hosting Hub, as outlined in their Money Back Guarantee, presents a mix of benefits and drawbacks that are crucial for customers to understand when considering their web hosting options. This analysis aims to dissect these aspects, providing a clearer view of how the policy impacts customer experience and financial commitments.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
SSL Certificates and Domain Fees Ensures continuity and security of online presence. Limited refund scope, constraining financial agility.
Free Domain Name Promotion Transparency in promotional terms. Reduced refund due to domain registration costs.
Prorated Refunds (e.g., Dedicated IPs) Adaptable financial terms for changing hosting requirements. Complexity in refund computation, potentially leading to misunderstandings.


  1. Security in Investment:
    • The non-refundability of SSL certificates and domain-related fees ensures that customers receive uninterrupted, secure services right from the start. SSL certificates are vital for data protection and building customer trust, while domain registration secures a business’s online identity.
  2. Clarity in Promotions:
    • The terms of the “Free Domain Name” promotion offer transparency, allowing customers to understand the exact financial implications. This clarity helps in making informed decisions, avoiding surprises in case of a cancellation.
  3. Flexibility in Service Changes:
    • The prorated refund on dedicated IP addresses offers flexibility, allowing for adjustments in hosting needs over time. This aspect is particularly beneficial for businesses that experience fluctuating online traffic and require adaptable hosting solutions.


  1. Limited Refund Scope:
    • The limitation on refunds for certain services, like SSL certificates and domain privacy, can be a drawback for customers seeking complete financial flexibility. This limitation may deter those who are uncertain about their long-term hosting needs.
  2. Reduced Refund in Promotions:
    • The reduction in refund amount due to domain registration costs under the “Free Domain Name” promotion might be seen as a disadvantage, especially for those who might not continue with the service beyond the initial term.
  3. Complexity in Refund Calculation:
    • The prorated refund calculation, particularly for services like dedicated IPs, can be complex and might not be immediately clear to all customers. This complexity could lead to misunderstandings or unmet expectations regarding refund amounts.

Understanding the nuances of Web Hosting Hub’s Money Back Guarantee is essential for customers to evaluate the potential benefits and limitations. While the policy offers security and clarity in certain aspects, it also includes limitations in refund scope and complexity in calculations. Customers should weigh these factors against their specific hosting needs and financial preferences to make the most informed decision.

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