What Operating Systems Are Supported on BuyVM Servers?

BuyVM offers a wide array of operating systems, including various BSD and Linux distributions, and Windows Server, catering to diverse hosting needs. Their KVM-based services ensure compatibility with these OS choices, allowing for full kernel modifications and custom configurations. The provision of over 100 pre-built OS templates simplifies deployment, making BuyVM a versatile choice for both specialized and general hosting requirements.
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BuyVM, a part of Frantech Solutions, showcases a diverse range of operating systems supported on their virtual server platforms, particularly focusing on their KVM-based services. This flexibility in OS choices caters to a wide spectrum of user needs, from basic web hosting to complex application deployment.

1. BSD Family:

  • FreeBSD: Known for its robust networking stack, FreeBSD is an open-source Unix-like OS. It includes IPFW (a built-in firewall) and ZFS (a high-performance file system). FreeBSD aims to serve as a versatile server OS.
  • OpenBSD: This variant prioritizes security features, including the introduction of Packet Filter (PF) and OpenSSH. It’s ideal for users who prioritize security in their server operations.
  • DragonflyBSD: A fork of FreeBSD, it’s focused on scalability and performance, featuring the HAMMER filesystem known for its snapshot capability and consistency.
  • NetBSD: Renowned for its portability across different hardware platforms, it’s suitable for users looking for a clean and efficient OS for a variety of hardware.

2. Linux Distributions:

  • Debian: As one of the oldest and most stable Linux distributions, Debian provides a vast repository of over 50,000 packages. It forms the base for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and KNOPPIX, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
  • Redhat Family: Including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, and Fedora, this family is known for its enterprise-grade features. CentOS offers full binary compatibility for platforms like cPanel and Oracle, while Fedora is known for its cutting-edge features suitable for desktop environments.
  • Ubuntu: A Debian-based distribution, Ubuntu is widely used in cloud infrastructures. It’s known for its regular LTS (Long Term Support) releases, which are supported with security updates for five years.
  • TurnKey Linux: This is a collection of pre-integrated software solutions based on Debian. It offers over 100 ready-to-use system images for various applications, simplifying deployment and management.

3. Windows Family:

  • Microsoft Windows Server: Essential for hosting applications such as .NET, SQL Server, and Exchange Server. BuyVM provides options including Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, and 2012. This offering caters to users who require a Windows environment for specific application hosting.

4. Specialty and Other OS Options:

  • BuyVM also provides other OS templates, including popular blogging platforms, OpenVPN-AS, cPanel, and file-sharing systems. This range demonstrates BuyVM’s commitment to offering solutions that cater to a variety of specific user needs.

Technical Aspects and Compatibility:

  • BuyVM’s KVM-based services ensure compatibility with these operating systems, allowing full kernel modification and custom ISO uploads. This is critical for users who require specific kernel patches or configurations.
  • For users hosting sensitive documents, KVM’s support for Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is a significant advantage, offering an additional layer of data security.
  • The availability of over 100 pre-built OS templates streamlines the deployment process, allowing users to quickly set up and configure their virtual servers.

In summary, BuyVM’s support for a broad range of operating systems underlines their commitment to versatility and performance. Whether for a specialized application, enterprise use, or general-purpose web hosting, BuyVM provides users with a comprehensive selection of OS options, each catering to different aspects of server management and application deployment. This extensive support, combined with their robust infrastructure, positions BuyVM as a versatile choice in the VPS hosting market.


Experience the ultimate versatility in VPS hosting with BuyVM’s extensive range of operating systems, tailored for performance, security, and ease of deployment.

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Advantages and Limitations of BuyVM’s Operating System Diversity

In evaluating BuyVM’s extensive range of supported operating systems, it’s crucial to analyze both the benefits and potential limitations this diversity presents. This examination not only aids in understanding the technical prowess of BuyVM’s hosting solutions but also assists in discerning its suitability for various user requirements.

Aspect Advantages Limitations
OS Diversity Extensive range including BSD, Linux, Windows Server; caters to varied hosting requirements. Potentially overwhelming for novices; diverse OS landscape can be complex to navigate.
Compatibility & Customization KVM-based service compatibility ensures kernel modification and custom ISO uploads. Requires advanced knowledge for optimal management and customization.
Deployment Efficiency Over 100 pre-built OS templates simplify setup, reducing deployment time and technical barriers. Optimization nuances for each OS can challenge resource efficiency.
Maintenance & Support Provides tailored solutions for a variety of applications. Increased complexity in support and maintenance due to the wide range of systems.


  1. Wide Range of Choices: BuyVM’s support for multiple operating systems, including BSD variants, Linux distributions, and Windows Server, offers unparalleled flexibility. This diversity caters to a broad spectrum of hosting needs, from simple web hosting to complex, custom application deployment.
  2. Compatibility and Customization: The compatibility with KVM-based services ensures users can fully exploit kernel modifications and upload custom ISOs. This flexibility is crucial for deploying tailored solutions or specific software requirements.
  3. Ease of Deployment: Over 100 pre-configured OS templates streamline the setup process, significantly reducing deployment time and technical barriers for users.


  1. Complexity for Novices: The wide array of choices, while beneficial for experienced users, might overwhelm novices who are unfamiliar with different operating systems and their specific use-cases.
  2. Resource Optimization: Each operating system has its unique resource demands and optimization strategies. Users must possess or acquire the knowledge to efficiently manage and optimize the chosen OS, especially in multi-tenant VPS environments.
  3. Maintenance and Support Challenges: A diverse range of systems can lead to complexities in maintenance and support, requiring more specialized knowledge from the support staff, which could impact the resolution time for specific OS-related issues.

In conclusion, while BuyVM’s array of supported operating systems offers flexibility and customization, it demands a certain level of user expertise for optimal utilization and management. This range positions BuyVM as a versatile and technically adept hosting solution, suitable for a variety of professional hosting needs, yet it underscores the importance of user competence in managing and optimizing the chosen operating system environment.

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