Where Are BuyVM’s Data Centers Located and Their Advantages

BuyVM operates high-quality data centers in Las Vegas, Nevada; New Jersey; and Roost, Luxembourg, each offering unique advantages such as SAS-70 / SSAE16 Type II certification, exceptional connectivity, and a focus on privacy and security. The Las Vegas center is geographically safe from natural disasters, while the New Jersey facility provides excellent network performance to North America's East Coast. Luxembourg's center is chosen for its strong privacy laws and is Tier IV design certified, ensuring top-level infrastructure availability and stability.
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BuyVM operates its services from strategically selected data centers located in Las Vegas, Nevada; New Jersey; and Roost, Luxembourg. Each location offers distinct technical advantages, catering to diverse customer needs and ensuring robust, reliable, and secure hosting solutions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Certifications: The data center in Las Vegas is SAS-70 / SSAE16 Type II certified, ensuring compliance with stringent standards for security and operational control.
  • Geographical Safety: This location is notably safe from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, providing a stable environment for hosting.
  • Security Measures: It features high-level security protocols, including multi-layer access control and continuous video monitoring.
  • Connectivity: The facility benefits from multiple connectivity options, thanks to a wide selection of carriers, facilitating excellent network performance.
  • Operational Access: Clients have 24×7 access to their equipment, complemented by 24×7 remote hands services, ensuring prompt response to any hardware issues.

New Jersey

  • Location Advantage: Situated in the Dupont Fabros facility in Piscataway, it offers outstanding network performance to North America’s East Coast and parts of South America.
  • Network Operations: The site maintains 24×7 on-site security and network operations staff, ensuring continuous monitoring and immediate response.
  • Infrastructure: The facility boasts state-of-the-art HVAC systems for optimal temperature control and seismically braced racks for added physical security.
  • Power and Safety Systems: It is equipped with redundant power backup with instantaneous fail-over and advanced smoke detection and fire suppression systems.

Roost, Luxembourg

  • Privacy Focus: Luxembourg is chosen for its strong privacy and freedom of speech laws. This location is ideal for clients prioritizing data privacy.
  • Political and Social Stability: Luxembourg’s stable political and social environment adds to the reliability of the hosting services.
  • Data Center Quality: The facility is Tier IV design certified, representing the highest level of data center infrastructure availability.
  • Natural Disaster Safety: Similar to Las Vegas, it is geographically safe from major natural disasters.
  • Connectivity: Excellent international connectivity, with major exchanges in Germany, France, and The Netherlands nearby.

Each of these data centers is equipped to handle high-density computing with a focus on redundancy, security, and speed. The choice of locations reflects BuyVM’s commitment to providing versatile and dependable hosting solutions. Customers benefit from low-latency connections, robust physical and network security, and a hosting environment resilient to physical and environmental threats. Additionally, the diverse locations enable BuyVM to cater to a global audience, offering optimized performance regardless of where the clients or their end-users are located.


Experience unparalleled hosting performance and security with BuyVM’s strategically located data centers, tailored to meet global needs with a focus on privacy, connectivity, and reliability.

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Pros and Cons of BuyVM’s Data Center Locations

In evaluating BuyVM’s strategically chosen data center locations, it’s crucial to understand the inherent advantages and potential limitations of each site. These considerations are vital for customers seeking optimal hosting solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Data Center Location Advantages Drawbacks
Las Vegas, Nevada – SAS-70 / SSAE16 Type II Certification
– Geographical Stability
– Enhanced Operational Security
– Limited Global Reach
– Specific to North American Market
New Jersey – Superior Network Performance
– Strategic East Coast Location
– High-Speed Connectivity
– Potential Regional Network Congestion
– Dense Populational Impact
Roost, Luxembourg – Strong Data Privacy Laws
– Tier IV Design Certification
– Geopolitical Stability
– Privacy vs. Performance Consideration
– Focused on European Market

Advantages of BuyVM Data Centers

  1. Enhanced Security and Compliance: The SAS-70 / SSAE16 Type II certification of the Las Vegas data center underscores its adherence to high standards of operational control and security. This certification is indicative of robust security measures, which are critical for businesses concerned with data protection and regulatory compliance.
  2. Geographical Stability: The Las Vegas and Luxembourg data centers are located in areas with minimal risk of natural disasters, offering a stable and predictable environment for hosting services. This geographic advantage mitigates the risks associated with data loss or service disruption due to environmental factors.
  3. Optimized Connectivity: With multiple connectivity options, particularly in the New Jersey and Luxembourg locations, BuyVM ensures optimal network performance. This is essential for businesses requiring high-speed, low-latency connections for their operations.
  4. Data Privacy Emphasis: Luxembourg’s strong privacy laws make it an ideal location for businesses prioritizing data confidentiality. This is especially relevant in a post-Snowden era where data privacy is a paramount concern.
  5. Infrastructure Reliability: The Tier IV design certification of the Luxembourg center signifies the highest level of reliability and uptime, which is critical for mission-critical applications and services.

Drawbacks to Consider

  1. Limited Global Spread: While BuyVM’s data centers cover key locations in the US and Europe, the absence in other continents like Asia or Africa may limit the service efficacy for a global audience, particularly those requiring localized hosting solutions.
  2. Potential for Regional Network Congestion: Despite excellent connectivity, data centers in densely populated areas like New Jersey might occasionally experience network congestion due to high demand, which could impact bandwidth and latency.
  3. Privacy vs. Performance Trade-off: While Luxembourg offers superior privacy protections, clients prioritizing maximum performance over data privacy might find locations like Las Vegas or New Jersey more suitable due to their tailored infrastructure for high-density computing.

In conclusion, BuyVM’s data center locations offer a balanced mix of security, stability, and performance. However, considerations around global reach and specific regional attributes should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable hosting solution. This quick analysis underscores BuyVM’s commitment to providing versatile hosting services, though with an understanding that one size does not fit all in the diverse landscape of cloud hosting and virtual private servers.

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