Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans – Do They Exist?

Dedicated hosting is often referred to as the holy grail of web hosting, offering the most comprehensive hosting plans in a hosting environment that is nearly unparalleled in its capabilities. Most people assume that they have to spend a lot of money to acquire a dedicated hosting plan, and while this is generally true, there are exceptions and some hosting companies do offer cheaper dedicated hosting plans. The following information will outline the benefits, disadvantages, availability and purpose of cheap dedicated hosting plans.

Where to Find Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans

Unfortunately, most cheap dedicated hosting plans are offered by hosting companies that are relatively new, or considered less reliable than mainstream dedicated hosting providers. Even so, some major web hosting companies do offer discounted dedicated hosting plans when they have surplus web servers, or they’ve recently upgraded to new models.

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Reputable hosting providers like Inmotion Hosting, 1and1 and GoDaddy are known for providing cheap dedicated hosting plans for about $60-$100 per month, which is relatively inexpensive in comparison to plans that cost about $150 per month. It is even possible to find plans that cost about $30 per month in some cases, but these plans are usually offered by less popular web hosting companies. Don’t forget to check our Best Dedicated Hosting Award.

The Benefits of Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans

Having a cheap dedicated hosting plan can help you save enough money each month to invest in other business endeavors during the month. However, this small savings may not be worth it for many business owners that do not want to sacrifice quality and reliability for price. Some of the cheaper dedicated hosting plans that are provided by less reputable hosting providers are not reliable enough to warrant the savings, as you may need to upgrade to a different dedicated hosting plan in the future.

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Cheap dedicated hosting plans provide ideal alternatives to VPS hosting plans for individuals and webmasters that need a more robust solution after establishing more web sites and expanding their digital network. If you want all of your sites to perform equally at all times then you will need the power and devoted attention of a dedicated web server that is not being utilized by any other webmaster.

The Risks of Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans

Cheap dedicated hosting plans are often less reliable because they operate using older web servers, or may be offered by companies that are newer and less established than reliable hosting providers. When you purchase a cheap dedicated hosting plan you acknowledge the fact that there is a reason for the cost difference, and this difference usually comes in the form of the lower reliability and less overall features.

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If your web server does crash or the hosting company fails to provide proper support, it could mean the loss of several sales in the case of eCommerce, or just plain site down time. Both of these risks should be considered by the online business owner before deciding to save money on dedicated hosting.

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