Enticing Traffic to Boost Online Sales

Enticing visitors to your online business website is not as easy as the seasoned gurus make it appear.  Even novice entrepreneurs know in order to derive potential sales, it’s essential to attract and hold visitors’ attention on your site’s landing page for at least five seconds to be considered successful.  Often it’s impossible to get visitors to take your website seriously because of the glaring points of friction.  Friction points are features, applications or just plain annoying aspects found on a website.  So, what’s the secret to eliminating friction on your landing page and maintaining an engaging site?

Interrogating Online Forms

Online fill-in forms are an increasingly popular friction faux pas that many visitors encounter.  Often, in order to be eligible to sign-up even for a free routine newsletter or trial offer, visitors are greeted with a pop-up online form that must be complete before a visitor many continue viewing the website’s content.  These forms generally require visitors to thoroughly complete an online form with personal contact information, and oftentimes, credit card information is solicited.  Needless to say such information is not easily garnered.   Instead of causing unnecessary friction to obtain sale lead information for mailing list, consider placing opt-in links to subscribe to newsletters and free trial offers.

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Instructions:  Clear as Mud

If you provide confusing and misguided instructions to users in regards of downloading, accessing, or purchasing a product or service from your website, then chances are you won’t close the deal.  Unless instructions are clearly presented in simple-to-follow steps, many visitors will become frustrated and navigate to the nearest competitor with a few clicks of their mouse.  Try to list instructions as clearly as possible without going overboard on the technicalities.  Utilize your web host server’s features to offer support to customers in a timely and efficient manner to answer questions and address concerns.  While e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are helpful, many customers prefer troubleshooting via online discussion threads and live chat support features.  Check with your web host service to inquire about support options.

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Pop-ups are Turn-offs

For entrepreneurs wanting to test the market for a new product or service, free web hosting is often the most logical choice; however, if you opt to use a free web hosting service, beware of the consequences. Your website visitors will soon discover sponsors exchange their support in the form of pop-up advertisements promoting selected products and services while viewing free web-hosted websites.  While on the surface, the perks of free web hosting sounds too good to be true; the trade off is that your website visitors are bombarded with annoying pop-up advertisements; thus turning off potential sale leads.  Keep in mind that many visitors will navigate away from the website at the first signs of pop-ups.

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Alleviating Friction Points

If you notice a decline in your conversion rates, then there are several proactive steps to take in order to boost sales:

  • Provide potential customers with a large scale image of individual products and packaging.
  • Offer a pull-down menu with the popular versions already pre-loaded.
  • Insert a field in online forms with an optional request for e-mail addresses.
  • Display a conspicuous “Download Here” button.
  • Offer a link to a free pop-up blocker.

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