SEO Keywords: Keyword Density vs. Keyword Placement

The importance of keyword usage in search engine optimization definitely cannot be ignored, however many people don’t realize the proper way to use keywords, and therefore place unnecessary efforts on frivolous attempts that often prove to be unsuccessful. Failing at an SEO attempt is a very frustrating experience, because many times there is a lot of hard work and invested money involved. By the time you realize your plan is not working, all of the time of the money is gone and you are left wondering what went wrong.

Simply finding the right keywords and then loading your site with them is not going to get you anywhere. In order for your site to flourish, you’ll need the perfect balance between keyword density and keyword placement. But ultimately, which one is more important, density or placement?

Keyword Density

Search engines use web bots called crawlers to index your website’s information. In the process all of the keywords on your site are also indexed. The amount of keywords per the amount of content on your website is called keyword density. Keyword density is calculated in terms of percentage, for example:  5 keywords in a 500 word article would be a keyword density of 1%. While there is no exact standard for the amount of keyword density that should be used, there is a general frame that helps many people reach success. Most people find that using a total site keyword density of about 1%-5% is a great way to boost organic search engine listings.

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So how do you do you decide how how high or how low the keyword density should be? The answer to this is directly related to the niche your site specializes in, and which keywords you are targeting. If your keyword is a very popular one, then you may want to go for a keyword density closer to the 4%-5% range. If you have a less popular keyword, then you may want to aim lower. Overall the best way to use keyword density is to start high, at around the 5% range, and then gradually go lower until you find a peak area. It should be noted however that optimal keyword density without proper placement is useless.

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Keyword Placement

Keyword placement refers to the placement of the keywords throughout your site, both within the content and design of the website. Placing keywords in the right places plays a crucial role in proper search engine optimization. Search engine optimization experts recommend placing keywords within the first and last 25 words of each piece of content. Keywords should also be placed in the middle of the content as well, with at least one instance being used per article. It also helps to surround the keyword in other sub-keywords. This will help bring more targeted search to your site. Many people search for products or services and then add more information to the search query that contains another sub-keyword. It is also important to include keywords in the title tags of every page, as well as within meta tags and anchor text.

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In regards to which is more important, keyword density or keyword placement; many would agree that keyword placement is essential. The reason why placement is more important than density is because packing a site with keywords is easy, and search engines see this as spamming in some instances. However, packing the site with properly placed keywords is not viewed as spamming by the search engines, and instead is seen as useful content.

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