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SERPs and Backlinks – The Keys to SEO

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Your site’s page ranking is how Google judges and displays your websites overall popularity. The better your page rank, the more search traffic you’ll receive, as your site will gain more exposure towards the top of Google. Your site’s page rank is displayed on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Every effort you put towards search engine optimization is primarily focusing on increasing your site’s position in the SERPs. One of the primary ways to get  a higher page rank in the SERPs is by building backlinks. Backlinks are like the backbones of any popular website. Backlinks are links on the internet that contain your site’s URL. The more links there are in existence, the more popular your site appears to be to Google.

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Quick and Easy Vs Long and Hard

There are many ways to build backlinks for your site. A lot of people try to take the easy way out and use tools that will let them spam other sites in hopes of establishing backlinks. While it is possible to build many backlinks doing this, the backlinks will be relatively pointless, as not many real people are going to want to link to your site since you are spamming. Spamming is also bad for your website because Google and other search engines frown upon it severely. In fact it is possible to get indexed by spamming to advertise and build links to your website.  If you want to create a long lasting website that is going to bring you profit year in and year out, then you may want to consider building your link empire legitimately.

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Networking and Content

Perhaps the most legitimate and fundamental methods of building backlinks is by simply providing your visitors with interesting content that they would want to share. If the content is interesting enough, then they will automatically link to it on their blog. People will also link to your site on social bookmarking sites, ad posting sites and anywhere else where links can be posted. You can even place social bookmarking utilities on your site that will make it easier for your visitors to recommend your site to their friends on various networks including Myspace and Facebook


Yet another obvious way to get more links to your site is through basic advertising. You can use a plethora of ads such as PPC campaigns and other basic advertising methods to drive traffic to your site initially. Once you’ve found an effective keyword to bid on, you can scale up your efforts and begin creating multiple websites. The beauty of owning multiple websites is that you can link to your own websites, creating even more backlink opportunities and an overall better SERP ranking.

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Keep in mind that the quality of backlinks is every bit as important as the quantity. Having only 10 backlinks that originate from authoritative sites within your niche, can mean a lot more than having 100 irrelevant backlinks from unrelated websites.


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