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Seven Innovative Approaches to Link Building

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Establishing link popularity can be very time consuming, especially when it comes to sending out requests.  However, this is a critically important aspect of SEO and something that must be done if you truly want to maximize your potential.  While you never want to just sit back and do nothing, asking people to link up with you is not always the best idea.  Instead of spending time asking for links, sometimes it pays to think outside the box and use more innovative approaches to reach your goals.  Here are a few tips that will make your link building campaign much easier:

1. Get Active – You can learn a lot by playing an active role in the online forums and groups relative to your niche.  If you become popular in these communities, people will seek your advice and want to link to you.

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2. Article Submission – One of the most effective ways to create quality links is publishing articles on a large variety of websites.  This could be information sites, social media sites, ezines or even article directories.  Try to focus on sites that service your market, make yourself familiar with the type of content that is published, and modify the style of your articles accordingly.

3. Publish a Newsletter – You can also use a newsletter to build good links to your website.  You can encourage readers to link by letting them know if they enjoyed the newsletter, they can link to the permanent version of the content located on your site.  Do forget to include the URL.

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4. Publish Great Content – This is not necessarily new, however it works just as well as any of them.  By publishing great content on your website, people will be more likely to want to link to you.  Great content is well written and most importantly, delivers excellent value to your visitors.

5. Award Sites – An innovative way to get yourself some quality links is to submit your website to award sites. You would be delighted at the number of people who have had success with this method.

6. Get in Good with Online Directories – There are several online directories that accept volunteer editors.  This will allow you to submit your own personalized reviews of many sites, as well as your own. This also gives you the chance to better understand your market.


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