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The Important of Search Engine Optimization and URLs

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If you have been researching search engine optimization for some time now, then you have probably come to the realization that the domain name of a website can be crucial to it’s search engine ranking. In fact, it is possible to bring a site to the very top of the search engine for a specific keyword based on  the name alone. If you can manage to register a domain name that is an exact match to a popular keyword, then you can start seeing an instant flow of traffic with nearly no additional effort. Thus, the power of domain names in search engine optimization should not be underestimated by any means.  The URL of a website is perhaps one of the first factors taken into account by search engine web crawlers.

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URL Optimization

The primary goal in URL optimization is to register a domain that will stick in the minds of your visitors, catch on virally, and be pleasing to the search engines. The only way to do this effectively is to execute proper keyword research and then base your domain name on that keyword. However, this will only allow you to target one keyword, as you cannot change your domain name in the future. This means you would need to register a new domain if you want to use the same method on other keywords, even if they pertain to the same niche. Obviously this could become quite costly, especially if you are purchasing .com domains. So what exactly is the solution the?

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Keyword Optimized URLs

Instead of a registering a new domain to gain the same benefits of URL optimization, you could simply  create pages on your site that contain the keyword in the URL. For example, if your site is “” then you could create a page with the URL “” This gives you a substantial opportunity to rank for the keyword “subniche.” This same concept can be applied to to the registration of sub domains, with an even more powerful approach. The following information should help you understand how to piece all of this together for maximum results.

Sub Domain URL Optimizaiton

While creating pages on your site that are URL optimized for a specific keyword may be beneficial, they do not hold as much power as a subdomain that is registered with the same keyword. In the above example, it may be more beneficial to register sub domain on your site by the name of “”. Then you could also post pages on that sub domain that target the subniche keyword for example – “” or “” etc etc. Combing the power of the main URL, a sub domain , and a related page is the best way to target specific keywords or sub niches within your niche. This method is recommended is you do not want to purchase a new domain for each subniche you plan to pursue. Securing an excellent domain name should be the first step in anyone’s search engine optimization efforts.


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