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To Blog Or Not To Blog: That is The Question

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Having been in web design for a while, I’ve learned that most people want one of two kinds of website: Either they want a full-featured page with heaps of content, or they’ll want just a simple blog to post their daily thoughts, news, or complaints—mostly the latter.

With that in mind, the real question when choosing a web host, a web design, or even a content management system (like WordPress) is: What exactly am I going to do with this chunk of the Internet? Whether or not you want a full site or just a basic blog-style interface will even determine if you need a registered domain name or not. To help you move along the Deciding Path, use the guide below.

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First Off, What is A Blog And What’s a Website?

Seems like an obvious difference, but what really is a blog, and what’s a website? I mean, what are they really?

A blog is a tool designed to make it easy to provide constant content updates. These could be anything from news articles to essays on proper ways to cook a turkey. This website, for instance, is a blog, because it provides periodically updated content pieces. A website on the other hand, is a more static chunk of code. It’s not likely to change as much, and provides a different function: It might serve as a digital business card, or it might contain an artist’s portfolio. It’s less focused on being updated, and more focused on being relevant.

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So Which One do I Need?

The best way to think about it is this: What will you really be doing with your site? If you need a place where customers can go to view your products, or learn a bit more about your business, a plain website will suffice. Think of your site as a billboard for the information you want to get out. With that in mind, focus on a web host that delivers a lot of storage space and high bandwidth, as you’ll need both, especially if your site is a portfolio.

However, if you’re just going to use the Internet space to vent news, thoughts, or emotions, go with a blog instead. Not only will it be easier to facilitate your content, but you can focus on simplicity, too. Likewise, a simple .blogspot domain will be good, unless you’d like to create a specific brand for yourself.


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  • Avatar Jen says:

    You hit the nail on the head — a website is much more static and businessy/billboardy. Both are useful for different purposes. Blogs are awesome for newbies because they make everything really really simple. 😀

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