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New Facebook Social Media Store

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Lyle & Scott recently announced the launch of its first social media eCommerce store. Created by BT Fresca, the new application allows customers to make purchases through Facebook with the Scottish fashion brand. The store was customized to fit the social media while making it easy-to-use. Prior to the launch of the store, the organization’s Facebook Fan Page had 38,000 fans.

The Revamped Website’

The release of this new social media store has been launched in conjunction with Lyle & Scott’s revamped website which has been optimized for mobile use. Also developed by BT Fresca, the site serves more than 53 countries. Also, the design of the website is now suitable for viewing on smartphones with quick and easily-navigable uncluttered pages.

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A Statement Lyle & Scott

The head of the eCommerce department at Lyle & Scott released a statement announcing that customers can now easily shop with them no matter their location. The mobile site was the first step and the new Facebook store allows customers to shop without ever leading the social networking site. The company selected BT Fresca because they have supported them with the development and execution of the social media strategy.

Increasing Sales and Experience

Known as transactional social media, this addition to their portfolio should significantly increase sales due to an enhancement in customer’s buying experience. It is also an excellent opportunity to further grow the Lyle & Scott brand. Today’s online shoppers spend more time on Facebook than retail websites. Therefore, it is extremely important for retailers to maintain a specific brand image across all channels of revenue.

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Additionally, BT Fresca is providing Lyle & Scott with online marketing services such as email marketing campaigns and traffic analysis. Therefore, they are providing well-rounded support for their product.

Company Information about Lyle & Scott

The Lyle & Scott brand was established in 1874 and features a contemporary look through original and authentic designs. The company is driven by a simple sense of integrity and the highest level of quality. The company was named Drapers’ Young Fashion Brand of the Year 2010 for its high-quality jackets, skirts, knitwear and polo shirts.

This is the beginning of many land-based and online retailers adding a Facebook eCommerce store to their portfolio in order to reach the hundreds of millions of users across the world. In the future, expect to see a variety of new eCommerce pages from some of the most popular brands.


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