Steps for Marketing an Ecommerce Business on Facebook

Facebook today is what Google AdSense was a few years ago; an excellent method of reaching millions of consumers to purchase your online products and services. Social networks update instantly, therefore, sales, promotions and other information can be communicated to fans immediately. Although this article focuses only on steps for Facebook, it is important to utilize all channels for internet marketing including AdSense and Twitter.

There are 10 steps to marketing an Ecommerce business on Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Create an alias
  3. Create content
  4. Communicate with fans
  5. Add a shopping cart
  6. Advertise
  7. Send emails and updates
  8. Acquire a Facebook badge
  9. Add a “Like” button
  10. Add a “Recommendations” box
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The first step is to create a Facebook page for your business. This means you will establish a digital post within the network. Creating a page is simple as many tutorials on the subject exist. When creating the page, make sure to distinguish yourself from competitors and appeal to potential Fans. One simple method is to create a “Welcome” tab which is similar to a homepage button on a website.

The second step is to create an alias once your page has 25 or more fans. This allows for a more distinguished URL. Third, create intriguing content for the Facebook page. This is information that will draw the potential client to the page, information they want to read. By keeping the content updated, you are giving them a reason to return to the page. Fourth, engage all fans in active dialog. There are tools to streamline and track Facebook users.

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Fifth, add a Facebook shopping cart to your page. There are a number of options available allowing you to display your products with a shopping cart beneath them. Sixth, advertise your page to increase Likes, promote products and drive traffic. Seventh, sending emails and updates to notify Like members of new products and promotions goes a long way. This is exactly like email marketing only with a different platform.

Eighth, adding one of a number of available badges to your page will improve your marketing. Ninth, add a Like button to your main website. This is known as a social plugin and links directly to you Facebook page. With the Like box visitors can view the number of people that Like the page and can share it with their friends. Finally, adding a Recommendation button to your main website provides a more personalized touch.

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By following these steps for marketing an ecommerce business on Facebook, you will improve your page’s exposure thus driving more traffic and selling more products. These are all excellent tips that should be utilized.

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