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Windows Hosting with DotNetPanel

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The control panel is very important in the web hosting arena as it can offer benefits to both the end-user and web hosting provider.  These programs are generally made to run on certain platforms and one of the best available for the Windows system is DotNetPanel.  Created by SMB SAAS Systems Inc., DotNetPanel is a feature-rich control panel made to simplify management tasks in the Windows hosting environment.  This control panel is robust, highly scalable and runs seamlessly without the bugs that commonly plague other applications.  Ease of use, excellent support and a great price are making DotNetPanal a first choice for many businesses.

Web Host/End-User Features

Advanced File Manager – The DotNetPanel File Browser is both powerful and comprehensive, allowing you to manage your files without the use of FTP.  This utility includes a zip/unzip function along with standard file managing options such as copying and moving files, creating files and folders and more.  Such advanced functionality gives you the power to deploy applications faster and more efficiently than FTP.  The File Browser is a wonderful feature for end-users who are behind a firewall and may not be able to use File Transfer Protocol.  It is easy to use and doesn’t require any complex network configurations.

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Virtual Directories – DotNetPanel offers the unique ability to manage websites and virtual directories with nearly every one of their essential properties.  This includes default documents, security settings, MIME types, custom errors and FrontPage extensions among several others.  You can also change the location of the root folder or virtual directory any time after creating it.

Comprehensive Database Backups – DotNetPal has a wide range of features you will not find in other control panels.  One of them is the database backup/restore utility.  From the user-friendly interface you can easily backup and restore both MS SQL and MySQL databases.

Reseller Features

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The DotNetPanel control panel is integrated with an arsenal of features designed to aid in the management of reseller hosting.  Some of the most notable features include:

Unlimited Hosting Accounts – With DotNetPanel, there is no limit to the number of standard or sub-reseller accounts you can set up.

Simple Resource Navigation – As an administrator, you can view all the websites, databases and user accounts of all the resellers and customers underneath you.  This can be done with ease from a centralized interface.

Account Activation and Suspicion – DotNetPanel gives you the ability to activate reseller, sub-reseller and user accounts in separate packages.  Once you suspend an account, all the resources of that particular hosting package are disabled entirely.

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Audit Log – The audit log feature allows you to monitor and control every aspect of user accounts.  You can track user login credentials and also create, update and delete various activities.

DotNetPanel is a fully integrated control panel that covers nearly every angle of web hosting, a viable option for the shared hosting environment as well as dedicated and virtual private servers.  Although its restricted to a specific platform, DotNetPanel is quickly becoming the preferred choice for Windows hosting operations.



  • Avatar hwsite says:

    Hi this is hwsite
    You can track user login credentials and also create, update and delete various activities.

  • Avatar windows hosting says:

    DNP is probably the best available solution that is developed for simplifying Windows Hosting management operations. It offers its users with greater flexibility. It is written in C# and comprises with the latest technologies such as WMI, ADSI, SOAP Web Services with Web enhancements and N velocity Templates engine.

  • Avatar UltimaHosts says:

    We’ve been using DNP since 2006 and have never had any issues. All of our clients love it. Certainly been great for sales too 🙂 We are now also using DNP Windows 2008 Hyper-V module so our clients can reseller and manage their own Windows 2008 VPS.

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