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New Customer Support Options at HostingZoom

Web hosting provider, HostingZoom, recently launched around the clock phone, ticket, live chat and email customer support. HostingZoom offers a variety of web hosting services including cPanel clustered failover, VPS,…

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Editing DNS Information in cPanel

cPanel boasts one of the easiest to use interfaces in the web hosting industry. This is one of the main reasons for its continued popularity. Therefore, it is simple to…

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Choosing Control Panels: cPanel or Plesk

The average web developer is very familiar with and knows of all the different types of web hosting control panels. Control panels are essentially a web based platform that seeks…

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cPanel’s Expansion below the Equator

Due to the strong financial performance of cPanel in North America, they have decided to expand to South America. This will be accomplished through their Fast Update service in conjunction…

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The cPanel Software/Services Area

The cPanel Software/Services area of the software is one that allows the user to install Perl and PHP packages, view the PHP information and plenty more. The section tends to…

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cPanel Announces Sponsor for Conference

cPanel recently announced that Riazul Premium Tequila will be their primary sponsor at the 5th annual cPanel conference in 2010. cPanel is an industry leader in control panel and web…